A Film Explores the thoughtful “Can Do” Approach Solving Serious Problems

“Living with Carnivores: Boneyards, Bears and Wolves” is a documentary film about living with large carnivores. The story begins a decade ago in western Montana’s Blackfoot River Valley and explores … Read More


From The Intercept by Alleen Brown, John Knefel September 1 2018, 7:00 a.m. JULIE HENRY WAS jogging when she got the call from the FBI. She didn’t recognize the number, which had … Read More

The phone call, from the FBI, brought her back to an internal conflict that she thought she’d finished wrestling with two years earlier.

A very in-depth interview of all parties involved around the sexual assault of a young female wolf activist while working in Montana and Wisconsin. This article delves into the role … Read More

A Film Project “Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy – The Yellowstone Story”

A film that presents the viewer with a complete picture of what it means to advocate for an imperiled species protected within Yellowstone National Park; contrasted against an uncertain future … Read More

“The Yellowstone Story-Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy” film project…

A Documentary film project that tells the stories of people working to preserve the legacy of wolves in Yellowstone National Park. A Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Film. Co Produced … Read More

Please take action to keep wolf hunt quota low near Yellowstone National Park to support wolf tourism and research. 

Action Alert courtesy of Ilona Popper. 1.      Call each Montana Fish, Wildlife, Parks Commissioner: Tim Aldrich, (406) 241-7164  (I just had a great conversation with him!)                                                                                    … Read More

Protecting wolves: Activism with ‘Heart’ 

The Grand Teacher or The Big Bad Wolf Can Native American activism and ancient wisdom save the wolves? Source JACKSON HOLE, WY – Last summer Roger Dobson, a tribal spokesman for … Read More

Life of a wild wolf family in Montana captured on a remote video camera.

A remote video camera captured a wild wolf family in Montana playing at a rendezvous site.  The definition of a wolf rendezvous site is a place for puppies to stay … Read More

Rally this summer to: Urge federal officials to create a no-hunting and no-trapping zone for wolves and Grizzly bears around Yellowstone National Park

Please join us, Campaign for Yellowstone’s Wolves,  to help mobilize park visitors in support of Yellowstone’s wolves and grizzly bears this summer.  Volunteers are needed to hand out fliers to … Read More

Humane Society of the U.S. Alert Protect Grizzly Bears in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is planning to remove Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections from grizzly bears who live in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This would turn management … Read More

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