The Backlash that comes with Supporting a Survivor #MeToo

I never sided with any anti wolf legislators against any other groups. Anti wolf legislators read my blog and used my name without my permission. I did make a complaint about this with a Legislator. I’m now receiving the backlash from a couple Wisconsin wolf advocates for supporting a survivor of sexual assault. Misogyny within these groups has and is continuing; it’s the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. *revised 9/22/18

The above photograph was written by anti wolf legislators that used my name without my permission.

I will however state that I’m willing to take a hit when it comes to standing beside survivors of sexual assault. #MeToo movement. I want to push for change in the movement, the misogyny, the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. Today it is more common than before to find woman leading the wolf advocacy cause. It’s time for positive change!

If it means separating myself from the misogynistic behavior by these advocates that choose to burry their heads in the sand than so be it. These advocates turn it around instead of looking at the real problem. It’s not my brand of advocacy to harm others, lie to others, etc… for me it’s always been about the Gray wolf.

Two National articles have just surfaced about holding those accountable for sexual assault. Earth Island Journal by KIERA ANDERSON KITTY STRYKER Photo by Laura Borealis. No Compromise – Our movement needs to do a better job of addressing sexual violence and misogyny within its ranks. …Reports about Coronado’s sexual misconduct first surfaced in the summer of 2014, when a group of activists started raising concerns about his reportedly abusive behavior. We’ve reviewed emails sent between July 2014 and February 2015, which claim Coronado had been violent towards an ex-partner. The emails also assert that Coronado had been predatory towards younger women in EF!.

Wendy, loosely affiliated with EF! between 2005-2014, told us via email about her involvement in bringing Coronado’s behavior to light that year. She, and two EF! activists, Panagioti and Toby, tried several times to get Coronado to initiate an accountability process. Coronado appeared open to this at times, but never followed through. While the trio were trying to figure out the best course of action, in November 2014, Coronado apparently sexually assaulted a younger Wolf Patrol member named Julie.

When Wendy heard about Julie’s experience, she felt “a stark clarity of Fuck, we made the wrong choice.” She says the three of them had failed to grasp the urgency of the situation, particularly the risks they took by waiting to alert the broader community about him…

And the other article n The Intercept JULIE HENRY WAS jogging when she got the call from the FBI. She didn’t recognize the number, which had a Washington state area code, but she answered anyway. The FBI agent identified herself as Kera O’Reilly, and said that Henry wasn’t in any trouble. O’Reilly was there to help.

As I stated, I never sided with any anti wolf legislators against any other groups. Anti wolf legislators read my blog and used my name to their advantage. They never had my permission to use my name. I did make a complaint about this as well. But I’m receiving the backlash because of being a publication.

I’ve been a volunteer in Wisconsin’s wolf recovery since the year 2000. Then, became political beginning with educating and advocating for Wisconsin’s Gray wolf because I was appalled Legislators mandated a wolf hunt. I wasn’t skilled at politics especially when it became the dirty kind coming from your own side. As the wolf hunts began advocates came out of the woodwork in 2012. I connected with them hoping to stop the wolf hunts. My first bad experience within advocacy was when an advocate lied to me about working with a senator & having a PhD, and with this experience decided not to work with them anymore. The advocate did admit they lied and for admitting that I give them credit. Besides the experience with the less than truthful advocate, I began to experience misogyny from a couple Wisconsin wolf groups. They regularly would attack female leaders within the movement. One such advocate has been asked by female advocates to be accountable for pulling the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting wolf advocates. And his response has been to humiliate & shame them into silence with public posts on his Facebook page. This has been an ongoing misogynistic tactic by him since 2013, and I found myself on the receiving end of his public attacks for attempting to hold him accountable.

During all of this I kept on working to bring attention to the barbaric use of dogs to hunt wolves, and kept the pressure up on the WDNR to actively monitor wolf hunting with dogs. I garnered a lot of press especially from Wisconsin Public Radio.

By the time I met Coronado in the fall of 2014 he had already been called out for violence against a partner.

Then, in 2014 (the year of the last wolf hunt) Rod Coronado Contacted me and wanted to work with me to document the wolf hunt because of all the press I was getting at the time. I said I would, and that’s when I met Julie that October at the Wolf Patrol camp in northern Wisconsin (Coronado sexually assaulted her while in Montana on a patrol later that fall).

Then, that following December I hosted wolf patrol at a friend’s house. Julie was absent from this patrol, and when I asked if she would be joining us they (Wolf Patrol) said they didn’t know where she was. I thought their response was odd. I was already experiencing misogyny from Coronado, especially during any communication with him. He regularly ignored my phone calls, or emails, then would communicate when he needed something from me. I began to suspect he used my name, Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin, to gain a foothold in Wisconsin.

Soon after that patrol in December I heard the news, it came first through Facebook, then on Earth First news wire that Rod Coronado had sexually assaulted her. I immediately pulled away from working with Coronado, and wanted to keep my distance until I knew more. That’s when the backlash started. In February 2017 my twitter profile got hacked and my following was replaced with porn, and all my wolf advocate friends were blocked as well. I was shocked and suspicious it could be coming from Coronado or his followers.

Last winter in February 2018, anti wolf legislators read my blog about the assault (it was common knowledge already being distributed on Earth First news wire). These legislators began to use the sexual assault to get rid of Coronado and they used my name in a letter sent to the legislature without my approval. I never sided with any anti wolf legislators against Wolf Patrol. Yet, these anti wolf legislators, who also seemed misogynistic, used my public support of Julie against Coronado, causing even more backlash.

Now I’m on the receiving end of backlash for my support of Julie, a young woman, a dedicated wolf advocate, and survivor of a sexual assault by Rod Coronado. Coronado the leader of Wolf Patrol at that time and almost 20 years older than Julie.

I stand by Julie and I believe her.

I’m willing to take a hit when it comes to standing beside survivors of sexual assault. #MeToo movement. It’s about believing survivors and facing the problem that exists in our culture. And hopefully cleaning up the misogyny that exists within the Wisconsin wolf movement.

It’s not my brand of advocacy to harm others, lie to others, etc… for me it’s always been about the Gray wolf since I started in the year 2000.

A year ago a Wisconsin wolf biologist sent me a message asking why advocates hated me so much? The biologist told me advocates were openly slamming me.

When the behavior in the movement began I was given advise to ignore it, ignore them, keep fighting to protect wolves and work to stop wolf hounding. I listened to that advice. But now realize by ignoring the misogyny directed at me, a female, only allowed the behavior to grow into the toxic state it has become today. Wisconsin wolf advocacy needs to be accountable for their own individual actions, how they choose to advocate for themselves, and accept differences within the movement. And most of all, making sure everyone is safe from misogynistic behavior; the abuse especially directed at females in the movement, and is given the right to safety express their views. I believe the wolf advocacy movement in Wisconsin can do better by not allowing the misogyny to continue in the movement. The one common thread in the movement is protecting the gray wolf.


I’m not a group, nor organization or a non profit. I’m an art teacher living in northwestern Wisconsin. I use my own money to support my blog and advocacy work just like I’ve always done.

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