Wisconsin’s Green Fire February 2021 Wolf Hunt Preliminary Report

Wisconsin’s Green Fire (WGF) has released a preliminary assessment of the February 2021 Wisconsin wolf hunting and trapping season. Our report reviews impacts of the hunt on Wisconsin’s wolf population … Read More

Take Action For Gray Wolves By filling Out the Survey: The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is seeking public input

Seeking Public Input: The DNR seeks public input on the Fall 2021 wolf harvest season as well as the ongoing revision to the state’s wolf management plan. Use the online … Read More

Voyageurs Wolf Project’s first-ever camera collar footage captures “point of view” of a wild wolf.

This remarkable footage of a wild gray wolf in northern Minnesota comes from the Voyageurs Wolf Project. The following is their report about the camera footage. They are pleased to … Read More

From the Alps to Calabria, the first nationally coordinated wolf monitoring in Italy.

For the first time since the Italian wild wolf has been protected, national institutions join forces to photograph its distribution and consistency simultaneously from the Alps to Calabria, using sampling … Read More

People & Wolves Talk Show Topic: Wisconsin wolf hunt with special guest Adrian Wydeven

People & Wolves Talk Show host discussion about Wisconsin’s recent wolf hunt with biologist Adrian Wydeven Livestream at 06:00 PM CST, Wednesday 4/14, 2021. Join the Conversation!

Post Wolf Hunt: The Latest News Concerning Wolf Depredations in Wisconsin

In February 2021 WDNR was forced by a conservative advocacy group, Hunter Nation Inc, lawsuit to hold a wolf hunt. Needless to say it was disaster for gray wolves in … Read More

Monitoraggio nazionale del lupo: la parola a chi lavora sul campo.

  Foto di Antonio Iannibelli Brunella Pernigotti domenica 28 marzo, alle 18:00 ora italiana, ospiterà Luca Giunti e Antonio Iannibelli, che ci parleranno della strategia della raccolta dati e delle … Read More

Opinion: Wolf politics in Wisconsin have been contentious for a long time

The following is a comprehensive piece on Wisconsin’s recent wolf hunt. The Fraught Politics of Wolf Hunts by Jill Richardson from Counter Punch Jill Richardson is pursuing a PhD in … Read More

Please Take Action: WDNR Application Process is Open to Advocacy Organizations to Join the Wolf Management Plan Committee

The Wisconsin DNR has opened the application process for wolf advocacy groups to join the Wolf Management Plan Committee by applying for a seat at the table. Wisconsin needs strong … Read More

WORT Radio’s Access Hour Presents: Ma’iingan (Wolf) Relationship Plan, Monday March 8th at 7:00 PM

I’m Rachel Tilseth, author or Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin. I invite you to join me this Monday on the Access Hour, where I’ll be hosting an in-depth conversation about … Read More

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