Organizations Leading the Way in Wolf Education & Recovery

Making a difference for Wisconsin’s wild grey wolf.

A Wisconsin Grey Wolf. Photograph credit Al Sherwinski

The following two organizations have been around for decades and have proven track records on educating the public about grey wolves. Both these organizations regularly hold wolf education seminars led by expert wolf biologist & professionals in the field.

Timber Wolf Alliance (TWA) “The Timber Wolf Alliance is committed to investigating the facts and relies on research to dispel myths and unfounded fears associated with wolves. TWA provides training in wolf biology and ecology, develops and disseminates educational materials on wolves, and supports volunteers to help with wolf monitoring efforts.”

“Northland College started the TWA in 1987 with the Wisconsin DNR and other organizations to promote wolf recovery and educate people about wolves in the state. In the early 1990s, TWA expanded to promote wolf recovery into Michigan as wolves began to recolonize that state.”

Timber Wolf Information Network (TWIN) “Mission: To increase public awareness and acceptance of the wolf in its natural habitat and its ecological role in the environment.”

Wisconsin’s Green Fire Voices for Conservation was established in 2017 in response to recent developments at the state and national level that threaten science-based practices and long-term vision in natural resources management.”

Wisconsin’s Green Fire (another organization) “urges the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to immediately resume work on developing a new state wolf conservation plan using the best science and public attitude data available on wolves. WGF strongly recommends that WDNR reestablish a two-faceted advisory committee structure, described in our full statement. This will allow for an inclusive and transparent wolf governance process that reflects public perceptions and incorporates the latest social and ecological science on wolves in Wisconsin.”

Look to these three organizations to make a real difference for Wisconsin’s wild grey wolf!

The grey wolf has always been a part of Wisconsin’s wild legacy. —Rachel Tilseth

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