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Wisconsin Author’s Leading Characters Find Themselves in the Midst of the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Debate

In the novel Fly By Night by Andrea Thalasinos  the lead characters, “Amelia and Brice soon find themselves embroiled in the midst of a very angry environmental debate regarding reinstatement of the wolf hunt in Wisconsin. Amelia wonders if she and her newfound brother can overcome the sins of their father and find peace.” (source)


Andrea Thalasinos, author of “Fly By Night: A Novel”
Last week I received an advance copy of a novel entitled Fly By Night from the author Andrea Thalasinos and I cannot put the book down. I’m enthralled with this novel that takes you through a series of events regarding the hunt of the Wisconsin Wolf.  

The following is a description of the novel:

 On the same day Greek American marine biologist, Amelia Drakos receives word that funding for her beloved Seahorse Laboratory has been cut, she discovers that her deceased father had lived a secret life.

With foreclosure and unemployment looming, as well as the fallout from a brief, confusing love affair, Amelia reluctantly becomes curator for Minnesota’s Mall of America Sea Life Aquarium. At the same time a string of perplexing e-mails from someone with her late father’s name, Ted Drakos arrive. Ted claims he has important information about an  inherited property on Lake Superior. And, that he is her older brother.

When Ameila and Brice, a long-time friend, go to check out the property, they discover week-old, orphaned, husky/wolf-hybred pups under the dilapidated porch of her newly inherited house. Amelia adopts the pups and takes them back with her to Minnesota where the introduce chaos into her already crazy life.

Amelia and Brice soon find themselves embroiled in the midst of a very angry environmental debate regarding reinstatement of the wolf hunt in Wisconsin. Amelia wonders if she and her newfound brother can overcome the sins of their father and find peace.
In Fly by Night, Andrea Thalasinos shows that family secrets can jump-start a new way of looking at the world.  (source)

 Andrea Thalasinos will be the guest author this Sunday at Arcadia Books, on Sunday March 6, 102 East Jefferson Street, Spring Green, WI. 53588 Click HERE for more information


About Andrea Thalasinos:

Andrea grew up in the New York area as the daughter of a Greek American family.  Her early love of animals was confined mostly to luring home stray dogs by surreptitiously feeding them and then trying to keep them hidden from her parents. Kostantino and Mary were not keen on dogs!
After taking a creative writing course in high school her life was changed. Working in the school library, she’d cut classes and sneak out with an armful of books, hitchhiking down to Jones Beach even in winter to read and write. Through a quirk of fate she later moved to the northern Great Lakes and began attending the University of Wisconsin Madison where she completed a PH.D. With academic training in sociology, she compares the excavation of history,  people and events to, “discovering diamonds in a place one would never expect, embedded into stories that are yet to be told. It’s exhilarating as information and story weave together to form new ways of seeing previously unexamined or unknown things.”

She remembers telling a close friend after graduation, “Whew, glad that’s over, now I can write fiction and get a dog!”

Currently, Andrea lives in Madison, Wisconsin where she is anxiously awaiting the publication of her second novel, Traveling Light, scheduled for release on July 16, 2013 by Forge Books, (Macmillan). Traveling Light is available now.

An Echo Through The Snow was released in August of 2012 and is also available. 

Andrea is awaiting the release of her third novel Fly By Night in March of 2016 

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