Stories of People & Wolves Talk Show Will Be Live-streamed on Facebook

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Media & Films (WODCW) will be livestreaming a talk show. Brunella & Rachel will be hosting a talk show “Stories of People & Wolves”.

Stories of People & Wolves talk show hosts Brunella Pernigotti and Rachel Tilseth. Show premieres on May 13, 2010 at 10:00 AM Live on Facebook.

Stories of People & Wolves Host

WODCW will bring Stories of People & Wolves to your living room premiere is set for May 13, 2020 at 10:00 AM Central Time.

About Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Media & Films

News Media

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin News Media & Film Company’s mission is to bring our readers news that is factual and accurately reported; News that is unbiased and fact-checked for accuracy.

Film Company

We work with filmmakers dedicated to documenting the conscious relationships between people and Gray wolves. We share stories of people that are working to coexist with wild wolves that are now struggling for survival worldwide. We work with filmmakers, scientists, academics, journalists, writers, fine artists, Wildlife photographers and musicians that share a common interest to advocate, produce and share educational stories of people and Gray wolves.

The Gray wolf is a part Wisconsin’s wild legacy! Let’s add worldwide to that statement!

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin TM (WODCW) was founded by Rachel Tilseth in 2011 to bring education and awareness for promoting wolf recovery.


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Founder: Rachel Tilseth

WODCW is copyrighted 2011

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