Mournful Calls of the Lamar Canyon Wolves Calling for Their Lost Family Member…

Listening to the mournful calls from Little T, Small Dot and the five pups made while searching for 926F, their lost family member, leaves no doubt in my mind or my heart that they feel strong family bonds. There must be a way to protect YNP wolves that wonder outside the park boundary. Meet the Advocates and listen to their mournful cries, trailer:

In An article from The New York Times “Wolf hunters talk about seeing a pack of park wolves outside the boundary and being able to pick the one they want,” said Doug Smith, the park’s wolf biologist. “They just stand there and have no fear.”

Spitfire, or 926F, was killed just a few miles outside the park in Montana near the northeast entrance to the park, between the tiny communities of Silver Gate and Cooke City, Mont.

She left behind a daughter that wolf watchers have named Little T, so-called because of a small white marking. Another wolf, Small Dot, is the male, and for the first time in three years a litter of five pups was born to the Lamar Canyon pack. 

With the matriarch gone, Dr. Smith said, the famed pack could be in trouble. Even though the breeding pack is intact, its seven-member size may not be as resilient as bigger groups. “Its survival is an open question,” he said.

Photograph of Lamar Canyon Wolf 926F known as “Spitfire” and shot by a trophy hunter in Montana, credit Vanessa Vought

Myself along with Maaike Middleton are working on a Film Project “Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy-The Yellowstone Story” and are gathering interviews from advocates affected by the recent killing of a beloved wolf.

Watch trailer

“Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy-The Yellowstone Story”

A film that presents the viewer with a complete picture of what it means to advocate for an imperiled species protected within Yellowstone National Park; contrasted against an uncertain future because of wolf hunting taking place just beyond the park’s borders.

Yellowstone’s wolves face trophy hunters ready to kill them as soon as they step across park boundaries. Meet the wolf advocates fighting for the legacy of Yellowstone’s wolves…

“Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy- The Yellowstone Story” tells the stories of people working to preserve the legacy of wolves in Yellowstone National Park. A Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Film. Produced by Rachel Tilseth and Maaike Middleton and Directed by Rachel Tilseth. In this clip wolf advocates share their stories. Ilona Popper is a writer and advocate for wolves. Dr. Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston Wildlife biologists and business owners of The Wild Side Tours & Treks in Yellowstone National Park. Song credits: “Don’t Know Why, But They Do” Words & Music by Joe De Benedetti & Noah Hill. B roll credits thanks to National Park Service. for more information. To support the film through a tax free contribution go through our fiscal sponsor click here to donate.

Photograph of Lamar Canyon Wolf 926F known as “Spitfire” and shot by a trophy hunter in Montana, credit Vanessa Vought

6 Replies to “Mournful Calls of the Lamar Canyon Wolves Calling for Their Lost Family Member…”

  1. I had amazing dreams and visions of wolves and possibly being one or having one as a companion. Wolves and to me all sentient beings have a purpose and a life beyond what we think we know. Life is a miracle I choose to remain in awe of its splendour. I prayed as a child for more wolves but now I pray for more kinder and gentler people!! The wolf is my medicine and a piece of creation just like me or they could be smarter than us I don’t know because I’m not a wolf now. I can see love in all beings but especially through nature because its always there for me unlike anything else. I am nature and I’m mostly water.

  2. I cannot believe the stupidity of people. It has already been established that killing off our predators is harmful for our land, and the prey animals the hunters think they are protecting. I sign every petition and speak out when I get a chance but my experience is that the people who think wolves should be killed are the same people who think Trump walks on water, and they refuse to listen to reason.

  3. I have seen them hunt and heard them sing in The Lamar Valley. When I was a kid I feel asleep listening to their calming calls in Jackson Hole. I love them. And my friend had two she rescued. They are amazing spiritual creatures.

  4. Wolves are amazing creatures, so much more amazing than the uless, crass, ignorant humans who hunt them.

    Your blog is wonderful and your work important thanks for sharing.

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