AMERICAN WOLF: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West…

…Is excellent reading material while you’re on a #StayAtHome order! Publisher-Crown and was released October 17th, 2017. And there’s plenty of praise for this reading material. Select Praise for Nate … Read More

Live From Yellowstone National Park: Twenty-five Years of Wolves

Wildlife Biologist Dan Stahler and Wildlife Research Associate Kira Cassidy as they highlight scientific discoveries learned over the last 25 years. #25YearsOfWolves

Doug Smith Discusses Wolf Restoration From Yellowstone National Park Live

Senior wolf biologist Doug Smith going live from Yellowstone National Park regarding 25 years of wolf restoration on March 3, 2020.

Twenty-five Year Anniversary of Wolf Reintroduction in Yellowstone National Park

Today, in Yellowstone National Park, twenty-five years later; The Montana and Wyoming Legislature dismissed the idea of a buffer zone for wolves that wander outside Yellowstone, instead instating a law … Read More

Stories of People & Wolves…

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films (WODCW) is working in Yellowstone National Park, Wisconsin, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany to bring you stories of the advocates that are working … Read More

The Heart of Wolf Advocacy—A Film Company

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films (WODCW) is a Film Company producing film projects that inspire change through environmental education and legislation. Gray wolves are recovering on a worldwide landscape, … Read More

Wolves support each other in times of danger: Triangle saves his sister

The following account is from Kira Cassidy a research associate with the Yellowstone Wolf Project. We called him Triangle, for the shape of the white blaze on his chest. Born … Read More

This is a story of passion, endurance and fighting even when the odds are against you.

Meet the Advocates inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy-The Yellowstone Story Film project in the making… Pitch Trailer A Film Project This documentary tells the story of advocates working to … Read More

We Remember Spitfire…

The Yellowstone National Park video is of Yellowstone Wolf Project Researcher Kira Cassidy as she watches the alpha female wolf 926 known as Spitfire chasing an elk. This November we … Read More

The Yellowstone Story Film Project

Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy: The Yellowstone Story The following is Linda Thurston’s dialogue from Meet the Advocates Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy—The Yellowstone Story Film Project Pitch … Read More

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