A National Coalition to End Wildlife Killing Contests

We are beyond killing animals for prizes and fun,” she told National Public Radio. “This should be part of our history books.” ~ Camila Fox, Project Coyote The National Coalition to … Read More

Sneak Peek at Project Coyote’s short film “Killing Games – Wildlife in the Crosshairs”

On any given weekend, some of America’s most iconic wild animals are massacred in wildlife killing contests. Bloodied bodies are weighed and stacked like cords of wood, and prizes are … Read More

Killing is Not Conservation…

…The idea that only man is equipped for conserving our planet’s natural resources is a dying concept; dying right along with the untold numbers of wild sentient beings killed in … Read More

Humane Society of the United States exposes predator killing contests in an undercover story.

Killing to conserve a species is not conservation. The following story by Humane Society of the United States exposes the cruelty taking place in predator killing contests. Undercover video takes … Read More

A plea for justice: In the video what you are seeing is a clear act of animal cruelty in progress…

…Yet the hunter in the video is never prosecuted. Warning the following video contains violence against a helpless wild sentient-being. In the video what you are seeing is a clear … Read More

Wolves may generate cascading effects through changes in coyote distribution. 

These changes benefit hares and foxes, while also reducing the deer mouse population in some years. Journal of Mammalogy Article Source: greatlakesecho.org Foxes join #TeamWolf versus #TeamCoyote By Karen Hopper Usher  It’s wolves … Read More

Advances made in wolf deterrents

Local rancher claims state-sponsored killing isn’t needed Source Idaho Mountain Express     If ranchers around the West don’t make more use of nonlethal deterrents to predation on livestock, they … Read More

Wolves should remain protected according to a new study from Princeton-UCLA 

Princeton-UCLA study finds gray wolves should remain protected. Researchers from Princeton University and the University of California-Los Angeles who investigated the genetic ancestry of North America’s wild canines have concluded … Read More

Thinning out coyotes by killing them doesn’t work and only leads to more predation on livestock

No science behind coyote killing contests. The Wisconsin coyote is considered to be a furbearer and is hunted year-round. The Wisconsin coyote has been classified as vermin that is harmful … Read More

Michigan coyote hunter on trail: charges stem from a YouTube video of hunting dogs attacking and killing a wounded coyote. Jury finds not guilty…

Update: Friday 4/29/16 (there is no justice for this coyote)  Bessemer – After about two hours of deliberation, a 12-person jury cleared Jason Charles Roberts, 35, of Ironwood, of all … Read More

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