A plea for justice: In the video what you are seeing is a clear act of animal cruelty in progress…

…Yet the hunter in the video is never prosecuted. Warning the following video contains violence against a helpless wild sentient-being. Will there ever be justice for the coyote being tortured by a hunter’s dogs in the video? I’ve been asking that question for several years now. When I found the horrific video on a hunter’s Facebook profile I immediately downloaded it hoping to seek justice for the coyote. I turned the video over to several organizations to no avail. Finally I turned the video and the name of the hunter over to a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources warden. The warden did an investigation into the video and the hunter. Then, the warden turned the video and the evidence they collected over to a district attorney on animal cruelty charges. I had hope that there would finally be justice for the coyote. How Ironic that in the end the district attorney of Florence county deemed the video to be to old to prosecute.

That’s not the end of the story. In fact it’s just the beginning. I had the video on Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin’s You Tube Channel for a number of years, that is until recently. It was taken down by YouTube deeming that it violates community standards. And a strike was assigned against my account.

In the video what you are seeing is a clear act of animal cruelty in progress. Yet the hunter in the video is never prosecuted.

On March 15, 2016 Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin received a message in the inbox from George Meyer Executive Director at Wisconsin Wildlife Federation inquiring about the video on YouTube. The following is the message from George Meyer:

I viewed the Utube film of the dogs attacking the coyotes. While I support coyote hunting, the actions shown on the video are wrong and illegal. Please provide information on whether it took place in Wisconsin and who was involved. If done in Wisconsin I will personally look into it and seek legal redress.

The following is my response to Mr. Meyer’s message:

Thank you for being appalled by the actions in this video as I was. I found the video on a hound hunting Facebook posted by Francis Metz.

I turned this over to a warden and it was investigated. Then turned over to the DA in Florence County for animal cruelty. But the DA did not pursue it. It was disappointing. But I haven’t given up and was getting ready to do a FOIA to get all the details.

This is my email Address wolvesdouglasco@gmail.com

Email me and I will forward you the emails.

I look forward to receiving your email,


Rachel Tilseth

The following is Mr. Meyers response:

Will contact you tomorrow.

I never received an email from George Meyer. In fact I never heard from him again. Disappointing to say the least.

My question is why was the video deemed, “violates YouTube’s community standards” then removed on March 15, 2017? Apparently all a person has to do to get a video removed is complain by clicking on the Flag Icon appearing on the far right under the video.

How to Remove Videos From YouTube That Someone Else Uploaded (source)

Wave the Flag

Under each video on YouTube is a toolbar with buttons that perform different actions, with a Flag icon appearing on the far right. This is the flagging tool which allows you to report a video to YouTube staff for review. Click the button and provide details as to why the video should be removed. If the video violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines it will be removed; but if there is no violation, the video will not be removed no matter how often it is flagged.

The video was removed and a strike was placed against Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin’s YouTube channel. Dare I even suggest a campaign by coyote hunters was responsible for removing the video?

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. ~Mahatma Gandhi

The removal of the video was meant as a message to me, “Shame on me for seeking justice for the coyote being tortured by a hunter’s dog in the video.” Only I won’t be shamed or intimidated into cowering into a corner by anyone. Especially if they are devoid of values as demonstrated by this coyote hunter pushing his dogs to attack a helpless coyote as seen in the video. I want justice for the coyote in the video. The coyote hunter in the video was never prosecuted. Let’s not let the barbarous act committed against the coyote go unchallenged!

Please help me find justice for the the coyote…

The coyote was once a living breathing member of a community, and living in the wild in northern Wisconsin. Please take action copy and paste the link of this blog and send it to your Wisconsin State legislators, the head of the Wisconsin DNR executive team.

Say shame on this hunter who pushed his dogs to attack a coyote in the video! We want justice for the coyote!

Featured image by Ron Niebrugge

I’ve joined Project Coyote’s National Coalition to End Wildlife Killing Contests. Please watch Project Coyote’s film ““Killing Games – Wildlife in the Crosshairs”

To stay updated about this topic click the menu bar, scroll to the blue follow Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin and Enders your email address.

And thank you for following my blog.

Rachel Tilseth

5 thoughts on “A plea for justice: In the video what you are seeing is a clear act of animal cruelty in progress…

  1. Thank you for being such a great advocate Rachel ,Wisconsin looks to be corrupt to the core and we as a society Have to start to speak up against these thugs..

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  2. Reblogged this on Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin and commented:

    I decided to reblog this blog after reports from advocates that Wolf Patrol is sharing this video in their attempts to wR on wildlife. I found this video a couple years back. I sent it to Wolf Patrol asking them for help getting a connection. No response from Wolf Patrol (year passes with no response from them). I decided to turn it into the warden. The warden did a full investigation and determined it warranted charges. But the DA said the video was to old. Imagine my frustration. I want justice fo the coyote in the video. And was frustrated to see WP diplaying this video. If you read the full blog you’ll read all about. And I had this video on WODCW’s you tube channel and it was removed as well. Please note due to this and othe circumstances I don’t align with or support WP. I ask for justice for the coyote in this video. Please respect his life. Rachel


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