The remarkable Canis lupus (Gray wolf) …

…Designed by Mother Nature herself. A wolf walks over to a vacated white-tailed deer bed and gently blows on it. This causes all the particles to flow up into his/hers … Read More

Researcher found that nearly one-third of the diet of the wolves studied consisted of dump sites on nearby farms…

Dumping cattle carcasses is illegal in Michigan and Wisconsin. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that leaving carcasses in the woods, especially in wolf range, … Read More

Education and Awareness Wins Over Angry Rhetoric Every Time…

Advice for wining the war-on-wolves. There’s a culture of trolling, attention seekers, and the haters in the comment section on every wolf advocacy page. Those trolls can create a culture … Read More

Can we learn how to coexist with our fellow sentient-beings that share our planet before it’s too late? 

Man’s destructive track record on wildlife, over the last ten thousand years, makes me think humans are not essential for the survival of the planet. Humans have caused the extinction … Read More

Wisconsin’s wolf management policy is down-right-hostile

Wolf recovery in Wisconsin began in the late 1970s, and after almost forty years, is still ruled by aggressive hunting conservation policies of; kill-them-to-conserve-them.  “Increasing human tolerance of large carnivores … Read More

Opinion Editorial: Proposal to delist wolves will lead to problems

Source: Journal Sentinel  by Mary Falk , February 15, 2017 We sure don’t need our state’s U.S. senators signing off on bills allowing wolves to be indiscriminately killed. I raise cattle, … Read More

Top predators like wolves, bears, lions and tigers have declined dramatically around the world over the past century

Conservationists widen toolkit for predator management Source: Berkeley News  By Brett Israel,  12/13/16 Top predators like wolves, bears, lions and tigers have declined dramatically around the world over the past century. … Read More

Wolves kill 17 bighorn sheep being raised to sell to hunting clubs and game preserves across America for trophy hunts

If you are running an operation that breeds prized bighorn sheep for stocking game preserves throughout America for trophy hunters why wouldn’t you maintain secure fencing? This operation run by sheep … Read More

Mendocino County must evaluate the merits of a non-lethal predator control program as a result of a lawsuit brought by a coalition of environmental and animal protection groups

Source: Mendocino County to Perform Environmental Study on Lethal Animal Program County Settles Second Lawsuit with Animal Protection Coalition Over Controversial Wildlife Services Program Published on Apr 21, 2016 – 9:11:12 … Read More

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