The first phase of a three to five year effort to relocate up to 20-30 wolves to the Isle Royale National Park has begun.

I wanted to learn more about the Isle Royale National Park Service (NPS) wolf translocation project to restore predation to the island ecosystem. I headed over to Minneapolis, Minnesota to … Read More

Twelve year old Canyon pack alpha female’s life ended with a shot from a poacher…

…Sad news for Yellowstone wolves. The 12-year-old Canyon pack alpha female who died last month was shot by a poacher close to the northern park boundary. Preliminary Necropsy Results Reveal … Read More

Isle Royale Wolves: NPS welcomes your comments on this project. 

Revised wolf management options Dear Friends of Isle Royale Wolves & Moose, The National Park Service has revised the scope of their environmental impact statement regarding Isle Royale wolves. The … Read More

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