The Intent Upon Killing Wolves for Trophy on Public Lands is Exploitation

The War On Wolves Continues. Wolf advocates we must make our voices heard. By Alex Krevitz, M.A. Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Science Editor In recent years state and federal … Read More

Letters to the editor: Wolf detractor has irrational animosity toward wolves

Shirley Clements of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin gets it right in her letter to the editor, that there is no science behind the push to hunt wolves. Source: Capital Times Dear … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Don’t let wolf recovery be used to weaken protections

Source: Duluth News Tribune  I am encouraged by reports that wolves in Wisconsin are finally starting to make a recovery after nearly being wiped out in the Great Lakes region … Read More

Letter to the Editor: To understand wolves, use science

Source: Arizona Daily Sun  To the editor: “Wolves are the only animal that kill for pleasure.” A concerned sportsman presented this belief as fact at a Game and Fish hearing … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Humane society opposes wolf delisting – Wayne Pacelle

 Source: Green Bay Gazette Recently, a few lawmakers in Congress attempted to subvert federal court rulings and attach a rider to a must-pass spending bill to remove federal protections for … Read More

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