Letter to the Editor: To understand wolves, use science

Source: Arizona Daily Sun 

To the editor:
“Wolves are the only animal that kill for pleasure.” A concerned sportsman presented this belief as fact at a Game and Fish hearing dealing with the reintroduction of the Mexican gray wolf.
I have no idea what goes on in the mind of a wolf, or for that matter, others of my own species. My neighbor who lost a dozen of her chickens can only guess what was going on in the labrador’s head during the slaughter. Although, I no longer hunt, I’m not proud of the fact that recreation played a part in motivating me to kill animals. The man who holds the belief that wolves are the only animal who kill for pleasure need only look in the mirror.
The sun revolves around a 6,000- year-old flat Earth. My faith has more truth than your faith. Some races of people are inherently inferior. The only good wolf is a dead wolf.
As irrational as some beliefs might be, they provide a simple answer to complex questions. Unexamined beliefs fueled by emotions are the antithesis of scientific inquiry. Beliefs provide comfort and security. If we fail to examine our beliefs they may become an obstacle to ever overcoming ignorance and bigotry.
The concerned sportsman is not a fan of the wolf. He believes passionately that they will do harm to his interest. I may not agree with him, but I honor his right to express his opinion. If we were to examine our beliefs we might discover that science proves us both wrong. For the health of the Earth, including wolves, we are best served by science.

{Featured image by Jack Bell Photography}