Endangered Species Act has protected imperiled species and critical habitats since 1973

Photograph of a wolf from the Prospeck Peak pack in Yellowstone National Park, 2017,  by Beth Phillips  In 1972, President Nixon declared that conservation efforts in the United States aimed … Read More

FWS issued permits to use endangered tigers and elephants in circuses and for sport hunting

From The Hill: Democrat outraged by endangered species hunting permits By Tim Devaney – 06/27/16  The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is coming under scrutiny from a lawmaker over allegations … Read More

968 concerned scientists send letter – ‘Implement the Endangered Species Act Using the Best Available Science’

The war on wildlife diven by special interests politics undermines the basic goals and objectives within the Endangered Species Act.  In the following letter 968 scientists ask for best available … Read More

Born Free USA Fights to Keep the Great Lakes Wolf Listed

February 12, 2013 Wildlife Protection Groups File Suit to Restore Federal Protection for Great Lakes Wolves, including The Humane Society of the United States, Born Free USA, Help Our Wolves Live … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Humane society opposes wolf delisting – Wayne Pacelle

 Source: Green Bay Gazette Recently, a few lawmakers in Congress attempted to subvert federal court rulings and attach a rider to a must-pass spending bill to remove federal protections for … Read More

Great Lakes Wolf News Highlights of the Year 2015

This year in review for the Great Lakes wolf has seen it all from being federally protected, to threats of delisting, and anti- wolf riders being rejected. The year 2015 … Read More

Wolves may be recovered enough to delist but are individual states prepared to protect them? 

   Point counter point: The newest debate on the fate of America’s wolves comes in the form of a letter…”The 18 November (2015) letter, sent to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell … Read More

Campaign for Yellowstone’s Wolves-seeks volunteers to defend wolves from political attack. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE! We want to create a special Cadre of “Ready-For-Action” Volunteers to defend wolves from political attack between now and early December. To join, please message us ASAP! Here’s … Read More

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