People and Wolves on Location at Red Cliff Pow-Wow

We’re on location at Kitchi-gummi (Lake Superior)Red Cliff Pow Wow. Anishinaabe people welcomed us and gave us interviews about their relative Ma’iingan (wolf) sharing stories for the film. Been years since I experienced a pow-wow, and I forgot how truly these people are connected to the earth. For example, they use the word being instead of animal. It was a “refresh button” for my soul!


We interviewed two tribal women and learned they are the backbone of the Anishinaabe people. We interviewed Edith Leoso and Sandy Gokee.

Edith Leoso carries on the cultural heritage of her people. She shared these stories with us!
People & Wolves producer Michael Waasegiizhig Price interviewing Sandy Gokee. Sandy has the courage and wisdom of an old soul!

More to come…



                Logline: The film tells the story of Wisconsin’s gray wolves, the controversies surrounding them, and how people learn to coexist as these native predators are again fulfilling their ecological role after returning to the state about 45 years ago.

This documentary will examine the people involved, between several opposing forces for over a decade, culminating in court battles.  The film features Adrian Wydeven, Marvin DeFoe, Peter David, Michael Waasagiizhig Price, Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.,  Patrick Durkin, Sandy Gokee, Edith Leoso, John Johnson, and Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace, including interviews with farmers, hunters, WDNR staff, and Ojibwe tribal members.

A film by Rachel Tilseth, Manish Bhatt; Associate Producer, Michael Waasegiizhig; Price, Ojibwe Cultural Producer, and Tyler Grape; Cinematographer/Videographer

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