People & Wolves Film Project Starts Filming Summer 2022

Starts Filming Summer 2022 with Dr. Jane Goodall,  Adrian Wydeven, Marvin DeFoe and Peter David

The film will explain what led to the most controversial hunt in the guise of a lawsuit. A conservative advocacy group of hunters felt that not holding the mandated wolf hunt violated their rights. Unfortunately for wolves, they won their case. Previously NRB had voted to have the hunt in the fall of 2021. The film will show how fast things progressed after the January 2021 federal delisting. During the court-ordered February 2021 hunt, more than 200 wolves were harvested as hunters quickly went over the quota, shutting down the hunt after just three days. This hastily put-together hunt angered Wisconsinites, and it caused a black eye on the state’s environmental record. In the film,  Adrian Wydeven will inform the viewer about how the hunt affected the health of the wolf population. 

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