Take Action: Close Federal Forest Land to Wolf Hunting in Wisconsin November 2021

You, as a concerned citizen, can play a key role by expressing your views to Forest Service managers to help us strike a balance and make decisions in the best interest of the public lands and the public. Contact them and express your concerns that there shouldn’t be a Wisconsin wolf hunt in the Chequamegon-Nicolette National Forest in November 2021! Close Federal Forest Land to Wolf Hunting in Wisconsin!

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Tell them:

Subject: Close Federal Forest Land to Wolf Hunting in Wisconsin

I would like you to close federal forest land to wolf hunting in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board went against scientific recommendations by the Department of Natural Resources voting 5-2 for a wolf hunting quota of 300. This seriously jeopardizes gray wolf population in Wisconsin that has already suffered through a February 2021 hunt. This hunt occurred during prime breeding season and at this time there’s not enough data collected to determine how it affected wolf population. Please close Federal Forest Land to wolf hunting in Wisconsin.

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You can close Federal Forest Land to Wolf Hunting in Wisconsin by telling USDA that you want it closed because the gray wolf is a keystone predator and without them the forest ecosystem could fall apart. Fill out the form here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/about-agency/contact-us
The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest covers more than 1.5 million acres of Wisconsin’s northwoods. The Forest Service manages the land for multiple uses, including forestry, wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation, special forest products gathering, fisheries and wilderness and natural areas.
The Chequamegon side of the forest covers about 858,400 acres in Ashland, Bayfield, Sawyer, Price, Taylor and Vilas counties, while the Nicolet side of the forest covers nearly 661,400 acres in Florence, Forest, Langlade, Oconto, Oneida and Vilas counties.
Close Federal Forest Land to Wolf Hunting in Wisconsin.

NRB threatens wolf recovery. At the NRB meeting, chair Prehn and four other board members went against the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) scientific recommendations of a wolf quota of 130 and voted to up it to 300. They also voted that the DNR must get approval from the NRB if they change the 300 quota number. That move puts conservatives in the majority to control wolf hunting in November 2021. Source

Wisconsin Natural Resources Board Action on the Fall Wolf Hunt Quota

Rhinelander, WI.  Wisconsin’s Green Fire statement on August 11, 2021

On August 11, 2021, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board (NRB) voted 5-2 to establish a quota of 300 wolves for the fall 2021 wolf hunt.
The removal of 300 wolves again this fall, on top of the removal of at least 218 wolves during the three-day February wolf hunt, could result in a population of as many as 1000 wolves being reduced by over 50 to 60% or more.

This unprecedented reduction will risk long-term damage to the viability of the wolf population. It would also be likely to trigger a review of Wisconsin’s wolf management by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and will support arguments for re-listing wolves under the federal Endangered Species Act.

Wolf biologist Adrian Wydeven, testified to the NRB Wednesday on behalf of Wisconsin’s Green Fire. Wydeven, who spent 23 years as the wolf specialist for Wisconsin DNR, offered this comment: “Removing 300 wolves in another hunt would likely have a de-stabilizing effect on almost every wolf pack in the state. There is no other wildlife species where that level of reduction would be acceptable. And it’s highly likely it would trigger a US Fish and Wildlife Service review of state management”.

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