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“Wolf Time” by Barbara Moritsch is a must read, especially because People & Wolves Talk Show plans to interview the author and have a discussion about the book! Order your copy now so you’ll be ready to join the discussion about “Wolf Time” Go to to find out how to order the book!

Then stay tuned in to find out when People & Wolves Talk Show will be interviewing the author! And join our book club discussion live-stream on People & Wolves Talk Show Facebook Page! The following is what Dr. Jane Goodall had to say about “Wolf Time”

A magical blend of fact and fantasy . . . It is a terrific book, and deserves to be read by many.” –Dr. Jane Goodall

“Wolf Time” is a novel by Barbara J Moritsch. When wildlife biologist Sage McAllister responds to an odd scratching noise outside her cabin door, she is stunned to find two full-grown gray wolves sitting on the deck. Surprise turns to disbelief when the wolves telepathically ask her to tell their story. Her assent triggers an extraordinary journey of time travel and shape-shifting when she merges with the wolves—experiencing the pure joy of life in the wild, as well as the terror and mortal danger posed by the darkest aspects of human nature. Through her travels, Sage witnesses the astonishing connections that exist among all beings, reunites with her own human pack, and has a chance to help humans make peace with a majestic and essential species.

Barbara J. Moritsch holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Planning and Interpretation, respectively. She has worked for the U.S National Park Service as a ranger-naturalist and ecologist in Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Death Valley, and Yosemite national parks, and Point Reyes National Seashore, and has worked as a consulting botanist, an environmental education instructor, and a wildland fire-fighter.
Ms. Moritsch published her first book, The Soul of Yosemite: Finding, Defending, and Saving the Valley’s Sacred Wild Nature in 2012; has written extensively for the on-line National Parks Traveler; and has published articles in Natural Areas Journal, Park Science (National Park Service publication), and the National Parks Traveler’s Essential Park Guide. She is a member of the International League of Conservation Writers (ILCW) and the Northwest Independent Writer’s Association (NIWA). Wolf Time (2020) is her first novel. She lives in Idaho with her husband, four horses, two dogs, and one cat.

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