Stop the Wyoming Grizzly Hunt…

Trophy hunts are about power not conservation, and once again the state of Wyoming proves it’s not about protecting endangered species. In a unanimous vote Wyoming state’s Fish and Game Commission approved the hunting of 22 grizzly bears in the fall, in areas east and south of the Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. This lastest blow to the preservation of grizzly bears comes on the heals of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rolled back protections on grizzlies just last year. Grizzly bears have been protected under the ESA for forty-two years.

This will no doubt be the last straw for advocates working to protect America’s treasured grizzly bear. This will be the first hunt on Grizzly bears in 44 years.

Trophy Hunts on Endangered Species Must Never Be Tolerated, Especially so Close to a National Park’s Boundary

In a statement to The Hill Nicole Paquette, vice president of wildlife for the Humane Society, said the rule was primed to benefit trophy hunters.

“The goal of trophy hunters is to slay the world’s rarest and most iconic animals for nothing more than a macabre display of body parts and for bragging rights. It’s shameful that the Commission has chosen to subject Wyoming’s grizzly bears to such a fate,” she said in a statement. “This decision is reckless and ignores the best available science, which shows that grizzly bears need greater, not less, protections if they are to survive.”

The Commission received more than 185,000 comments opposing the proposed hunt, Paquette said.

Grizzly bears, along with wolves, are a big draw for Yellowstone National Park’s tourism industry.

Grizzlies are not the first endangered species just off the list to be slated for a trophy hunt. Yellowstone’s wolves face an uncertain future due to trophy hunts being allowed just beyond the park’s borders.

“Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy-The Yellowstone Story” A film that presents the viewer with a complete picture of what it means to advocate for an imperiled species protected within Yellowstone National Park; contrasted against an uncertain future because of wolf hunting taking place just beyond the park’s borders.

Here’s what you can do to help preserve our wildlife from unprecedented trophy hunts

Keep the pressure up on your elected officials in Congress and the state of Wyoming.

Say no to the killing of endangered species just off the list. #StopWyomingsGrizzlyHunt

“Killing to save: We really don’t want to kill others animals but…Compassionate conservation also is not concerned with finding and using the “most humane” ways of killing other animals, so killing animals “softly” is not an option, because it’s inarguable that killing individuals in the name of conservation remains incredibly inhumane on a global scale.” Marc Bekoff

Hopefully grizzly bear advocates will gather outside Yellowstone & Teton National Park entrances to protest the trophy hunt on America’s treasured grizzly bear. This will be the first hunt on Grizzly bears in 44 years.

Featured photograph by John E Marriott

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  1. This “hunt” which is actually a slaughter, is immoral, unevolved andunethical. It reeks of grotesque profiteering; ignoring science and decency.

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