Does Bonnie Raitt know something about the Wisconsin Premiere of the award winning documentary Medicine of the Wolf? The answer is yes! Look at the photo of her Focebook post. 

Did you know that Bonnie Raitt along with other celebrities are doing phenomenal awareness & fund raising for wolves through the GUACAMOLE FUND: click HERE to learn more about Guacamole Fund

You’re invited 
Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

The Humane Society of the United States and Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin presents In celebration of Wisconsin Wolf Awareness Week

The Wisconsin Premiere of the award winning documentary film Medicine of the Wolf  Produced and Directed by Julia Huffman

After the screening there will be a panel discussion and Q&A with:

HSUS Wisconsin State Director Melissa Tedrowe; certified animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.; Robert Mann – Ho-Chunk Nation Elder; woodsman, environmentalist and author,Barry Babcock (who appears in the film); Randy Jurewicz, retired WI DNR Wolf Program Administrator, and emcee Carl Anderson.

Tickets: click on the following link:

$10.00 Advance/$12.00 Day Of Show

Advance tickets only available on-line and by phone at (608) 241-8633.

Wisconsin don’t miss this premiere screening of Medicine of the Wolf during Wolf Awareness Week on October 19th at 7 pm in Madison

About the following poster

This is the official commemorative poster for the MOTW screening in Madison Wisconsin and masterfully designed by artist Ned Gannon 
Commemorative posters will be given away at the event by our donor Timothy Jon Coburn. Thank you Tim! 
Sponsors: Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin, Medicine of the Wolf & Humane Society of the United States. 
Get Tickets: or call the Barrymore Theatre By phone at (608) 241-8633.


The following is from a post on Bonnie Raitt’s social media:

From BRHQ — Calling all supporters of wildlife in Wisconsin!  

Please support the WI premier of Medicine of the Wolf at The Barrymore Theatre on October 19th!

In this important and moving film, documentarian Julia Huffman travels to Minnesota and into wolf country to pursue the deep intrinsic value of brother wolf and our forgotten promise to him. Questioning the rationale of wolf hunts, the film features captivating testimony from world renown environmentalist and National Geographic photographer, Jim Brandenburg!

Get tickets here:

Medicine of the Wolf trailer

About the film

Filmmaker Julia Huffman travels to Minnesota and into wolf country to pursue the deep intrinsic value of brother wolf and our forgotten promise to him.

Medicine of the Wolf will take viewers on a journey to understand the powerful relationship that we have with the wolf by interviewing prominent people who represent the different levels of connection to this ancient and iconic species – from Ojibwe creation stories that reflect our interconnectivity to all things, to a lifetime of observations of a complex and dynamic family unit, to a wolf scientist expressing his layered findings in an over 50 year study of the delicate web that wolves weave into our ecosystem.

Click the following blue highlighted words to read more about the producer & director of the award winning documentary film “Medicine of the Wolf: An intimate interview with Julia Huffman

To stay up to date on Wisconsin’s premiere of Medicine of the Wolf official page, go to: Facebook 

And thank you to radio for promoting the screening of Wisconsin’s  Premiere of Medicine of the Wolf. 

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