Rally this summer to: Urge federal officials to create a no-hunting and no-trapping zone for wolves and Grizzly bears around Yellowstone National Park

Please join us, Campaign for Yellowstone’s Wolves,  to help mobilize park visitors in support of Yellowstone’s wolves and grizzly bears this summer. 

Volunteers are needed to hand out fliers to visitors at Yellowstone National Park that educate the public on the urgent need to create a no- hunting buffer zone around the park to protect wolves and grizzly bears. Sign up here:

July 7-10 volunteer sign up click HERE

July 14-17 volunteer sign up click HERE

July 21-24 volunteer sign up click HERE

And, if you can donate, please click HERE

We need a few more amiable volunteers for visitor outreach in the Park, from June 30-July 4 and from July 29-August 7. Message us for details at Campaign for Yellowstone’s Wolves


We need a no-hunting buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park


Please join Campaign for Yellowstone’s Wolves in fighting for a buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park. Create a no-hunting-zone to protect wolves and grizzly bears. 

Click HERE to donate to this rally We’ll rally this summer to reach thousands of visitors to Yellowstone National Park, drawing their attention to threats facing the park’s Wolves and Grizzly Bears from nearby trophy hunting, poaching and unnecessary lethal “controls”. Donations are needed to allow us to print the materials we need for successful public outreach: color brochures, petitions, action flyers, signs and banners, campaign t-shirts, and articles on Yellowstone’s Wolves and Grizzly Bears.

The founders of Campaign for Yellowstone’s Wolves are the husband and wife team of Drs. Tony Povilitis and Dusti Becker. They are both wildlife biologists who began the campaign three years ago because of their outrage at the horrific trophy killing of Yellowstone Park’s famous alpha female called “Oh-six” and a dozen other wolves that happened to cross the park boundary that year.

Since then, they have pushed for a no-hunt, safety zone for Wolves around the park through direct meetings with policy makers, letters and phone calls to political leaders, written articles, online and hand-written petitions, public outreach in Yellowstone Park and more. Please check out the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WolfYellowstone/

Since 2011, at least 22 wolves that lived mainly in the park and 34 other Yellowstone area wolves have been killed in state-approved wolf hunts. Those numbers would have been higher if legal action had not prevented wolf hunts in Wyoming for three of the last five years.

Now it’s become apparent that Yellowstone Grizzly Bears also need help. This iconic species for which hundreds of thousands of visitors annually come to Yellowstone National Park to see has come under attack as the federal government proposes to remove their protected status as well.

Our summer outreach rallies will heighten awareness among park visitors and mobilize their support in a broader campaign to put an end to government policies harmful to Wolves and Grizzly Bears. Please give these incredible animals a powerful “citizens voice” by supporting this campaign. Don’t let them down! 

A century ago, Wolves were hunted and trapped to extermination from the park and surrounding areas as part of very misguided government policy. They were absent from Yellowstone’s ecosystem for the better part of the 20th century to the significant detriment of the park’s biological diversity. Since their re-introduction in the mid-1990s, the park has shown demonstrable ecological healing and rejuvenation. It is our duty as responsible stewards of our precious wild lands to insure that Yellowstone Wolves and Bears are now FULLY protected and NEVER exploited.

Any donation (Click HERE to donate) is most appreciated. Nothing is too small. Let’s make this campaign a huge success! Your kind support will help us reach many thousands of park visitors this summer, the 100th anniversary of our National Park Service. If you’d like to join us in Yellowstone, please contact us through our Facebook page.

Each of us, working together, can make a huge difference for Yellowstone Wolves and Grizzly Bears – their very lives and the majesty of Yellowstone depend on it!

For more information click HERE

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