Bison Nation is a Film by Elke Duerr About the Fate of Our Last Wild Bison

Our last wild bison in North America and Europe are at a crossroads: Will we bring them back to thriving in the wild or see them go extinct?

A short, 11 minute version of Bison Nation will be released the end of March, the full-length documentary in late spring, early summer …

Our last wild migratory instinctual bison who have not been interbred with cattle and are still able to migrate are in danger. They get killed when they leave Yellowstone National Park.

Bison Nation Producer/Director Elke Duerr

People interviewed in Bison Nation

Joy Spotted Eagle and Family, Peggy WellknownBuffalo, Jochen Born, Chief Dancing Thunder, Robbie Magnan, Mike Elliott, Stephany Seay, Jim Red Eagle, Mark Bekoff and others …

“Bison in Europe are called Wisent and are making a comeback as well. Both kinds of bison were almost extinct. Without bison, our European ancestors could not have survived. Culturally and spiritually, bison are very important to the Native People. We prefer our domesticated animals over wild ones such as the bison, but bison are much more adapted to cold and hot climates than our cattle. IN our changing climate, bison have a much greater chance at survival out on the prairie than our domesticated animals. They require no human care and can birth their calves all on their own without help from humans.” ~ Elke Duerr 

Take Action 

Our last wild bison  are currently being “culled” when they leave Yellowstone Nation Park We cannot lose 900 bison this year, Please sign (click HERE) the petition.

Elke and bison calf talking video clip from Bison Nation the movie

“My apologies to the newborn bison calves who are getting hazed and sometimes hurt during the annual haze back into Yellowstone National Park after their mothers migrate out onto public land to give birth to them.”  Bison Nation 

Elke Duerr is the founder of the Web of Life Foundation a volunteer organization with people from all over the world. It is our love for the Whole, for All Life Forms on this planet, that propels us forward to live in a sacred manner that honors this One Life. We can only do this together, in a connected, inclusive way. Read more click HERE

“It is time to write new stories and hold and live new visions of a healthy coexistence of all life forms on this earth. So the new generations to come can enjoy life on this earth and add beauty to the beauty that already exists.”  Web of Life Foundation



Bison Nation Movie Facebook Page click HERE 

I can’t wait to view the full length movie ‘Bison Nation’ that brings forward the plight of the world’s last wild bison herds. ~Rachel Tilseth 

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