New evidence proves that proactive use of nonlethal techniques can help reduce depredation on large open-range operations.

Foxlights a nighttime predator deterrent developed by Ian Whalan, an Australian sheep farmer was a part of this seven year case study, “Adaptive use of nonlethal strategies for minimizing wolf–sheep … Read More

Wisconsin politicians are pushing for state management of wolves… 

If the people want the state to manage wolves then there must be full transparency of that process. Until then we must work to keep wolves listed on the Endangered … Read More

Advances made in wolf deterrents

Local rancher claims state-sponsored killing isn’t needed Source Idaho Mountain Express     If ranchers around the West don’t make more use of nonlethal deterrents to predation on livestock, they … Read More

Foxlights is a non lethal predator deterrent device that is saving lives around the world

Foxlights Night Predator Deterrent  “It is my belief Foxlights have the potential of assisting in the saving of many endangered species around the world.” ~ Ian Whalan Ian Whalan is … Read More

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