Michigan Men Confessed to Killing Gray Wolves…

DNR officials caught the men responsible for two separate Upper Peninsula wolf poaching incidents in a span of 24 hours. A 58-year-old from Greenland Township and a 67-year-old from Menominee … Read More

Killing is Not Conservation…

…The idea that only man is equipped for conserving our planet’s natural resources is a dying concept; dying right along with the untold numbers of wild sentient beings killed in … Read More

Ill conceived Assembly Bill 712 Takes a Nose-Dive in Public Hearing

On Wednesday January 10th the Committee on Natural Resources & Sporting Heritage held a Public Hearing on Assembly Bill 712. Assembly Bill 712 is legislation not guided by or based … Read More

Twelve year old Canyon pack alpha female’s life ended with a shot from a poacher…

…Sad news for Yellowstone wolves. The 12-year-old Canyon pack alpha female who died last month was shot by a poacher close to the northern park boundary. Preliminary Necropsy Results Reveal … Read More

Poaching may be a bigger threat than the state thought…

Hunters may need to keep their paws off Wisconsin wolves.  By Sarah Fecht, Popular Science  Wisconsin’s wolves are a great success story in many ways. When the state began monitoring … Read More

A new study proves more wolves have been subject to poaching than the DNR reported.

Study by Adrian Treves and other scientists published in the  Journal of Mammalogy: The UW study investigated the deaths of 937 gray wolves from October 1979 to April 2012 — a … Read More

Guillaume Chapron and Adrian Treves decided to find out whether legal killing of wolves really does reduce poaching

Source: When you start killing wolves, something odd happens by By Niki Rust 11 May 2016 The US sometimes allows the killing of wolves, on the grounds that it can help conservation, … Read More

New Italian wolf plan would call for 60 wolves to be legally killed every year, in a context where hundreds of wolves are already killed by poachers using rifles, poison baits or traps. 

By the end of next month the Italian Government should approve the Piano di conservazione e gestione del lupo in Italia”[ Plan of conservation and management of the wolf in Italy. … Read More

Jill Fritz: Captive hunts increase CWD concerns

 Sounding the alarm against captive breeding farms used for canned hunts can spread fatal diseases. Jill Fritz: Captive hunts increase CWD concerns Lansing state Journal  August 14, 2015 The Michigan Department … Read More

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