Post Wolf Hunt: The Latest News Concerning Wolf Depredations in Wisconsin

In February 2021 WDNR was forced by a conservative advocacy group, Hunter Nation Inc, lawsuit to hold a wolf hunt. Needless to say it was disaster for gray wolves in … Read More

Washington State University wolf researcher agrees to settle lawsuit…

Dr. Rob Wielgus: War on Wolf Science Rob is one of the continent’s leading experts on wolf-livestock interactions. His pioneering research on wolves and livestock in eastern Washington found that … Read More

Killing is Not Conservation…

…The idea that only man is equipped for conserving our planet’s natural resources is a dying concept; dying right along with the untold numbers of wild sentient beings killed in … Read More

Wisconsin politicians are pushing for state management of wolves… 

If the people want the state to manage wolves then there must be full transparency of that process. Until then we must work to keep wolves listed on the Endangered … Read More

Foxlights a new tool for non lethal management of wolves in Wisconsin

Source: USDA Experiments With New Tool To Deter Wolves Foxlights Latest Method To Keep Wolves Away From Livestock Tuesday, June 21, 2016, 5:30pm By Danielle Kaeding  Wildlife officials in Wisconsin are … Read More

New Italian wolf plan would call for 60 wolves to be legally killed every year, in a context where hundreds of wolves are already killed by poachers using rifles, poison baits or traps. 

By the end of next month the Italian Government should approve the Piano di conservazione e gestione del lupo in Italia”[ Plan of conservation and management of the wolf in Italy. … Read More

An interview with the filmmakers of the Italian documentary ‘Stories of Men and Wolves’ 

Stories of Men and Wolves A documentary film  Directed by Alessandro Abba Legnazzi and Andrea Deaglio  “Wolves are back. Someone has heard about, someone swears to have seen them moving … Read More

Predator Friendly Farming and Ranching News

Livestock and Wolves: A Guide to Nonlethal Tools and Methods to Reduce Conflicts BY RURAL AMERICA IN THESE TIMES Recap: For hundreds of years wolves that pose a threat to … Read More

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