There’s No Price Tag on Our Mother Earth…

…Get involved. Protect the earth from unscrupulous land grabbers. In the early 1990s I met activists John Trudell, Floyd Crow Westermman and Walter Bresette at a Protect the Earth Pow … Read More

Wolves, bats & dirty politics – the ESA was designed to protect species and the ecosystems on which they depend.

Just what does dirty politics have to do with Wisconsin’s bats & wolves?  Ask Senator Ron Johnson (R) why he wants Wisconsin’s Northern Long-eared Bat & the wolf kept off of the Endandaged Species … Read More

Reader’s view: Courts did the right thing for wolf management

Reader’s response to a Duluth News opinion piece by two Wisconsin senators Wisconsinites’ view from D.C.: Wolf policy should recognize people By U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson and U.S. Rep. Reid Ribble … Read More

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