Advances made in wolf deterrents

Local rancher claims state-sponsored killing isn’t needed Source Idaho Mountain Express     If ranchers around the West don’t make more use of nonlethal deterrents to predation on livestock, they … Read More

Deer & vehicle collisions can be solved by bringing back the cougar to its historical range

Too Many Deer on the Road? Let Cougars Return, Study Says  in a New York Times article by JAMES GORMAN JULY 18, 2016  What large mammal regularly kills humans in the … Read More

In Wisconsin Two Wheatland women said they heard and then saw a cougar Tuesday morning. 

Source And it’s getting closer and closer, and it’s red, and it’s copper, and it’s got the big, fat square face and the long, the long tail,” Crystal Hart said. … Read More

North Woods Living, Tips for ‘Coexisting with Your Wild Neighbors’

Living in the north woods near wild animals can be a wonderful experience. There is nothing that can match sighting a bobcat with kits, a doe with a new fawn, … Read More

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