Lawsuit argues that wolves must remain federally protected until the Fish and Wildlife Service implements a national recovery plan.

“We won’t let the Trump administration bring wolf recovery to a screeching halt to benefit the blood sport of trophy hunting,” said Collette Adkins, a Minneapolis-based Center biologist and attorney. … Read More

The Revelator, an online news and ideas initiative of the Center for Biological Diversity 

The Revelator aims to be a new voice for conservation in the 21st century. The Revelator provides investigative reporting, analysis and stories at the intersection of politics, conservation, art, culture, … Read More

Amaroq Weiss – An Insiders Guide to Advocacy -What YOU can do for wolves

   A Broadcast in Education Friday at 7:00 pm – Ms. Weiss will be taking your questoins at 9:00 pm live est.  Go to  for broadcast details. About Amaroq Weiss Amaroq … Read More

Research shows we can’t meet global climate targets without reducing meat and dairy consumption. 

Take extinction off your plate – A project of Center for Biological Diversity    Before You Eat, Get the Facts.   Ever wonder what the real cost of your food is … Read More

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