Research shows we can’t meet global climate targets without reducing meat and dairy consumption. 

Take extinction off your plate – A project of Center for Biological Diversity


Before You Eat, Get the Facts.

Ever wonder what the real cost of your food is to wildlife and our planet? Extinction Facts Labels are here to help. We’ve crunched the numbers on beef, chicken and pork so you know just how much water, wildlife and climate pollution comes with each serving.


We’re also arming you with the positive impact of reducing your meat consumption so that every trip to the grocery store is a chance to do right by your health and the planet.


The American public consumes a massive amount of meat — more than 50 billion pounds a year [1] with an average annual consumption of 55 pounds of beef, 83 pounds of chicken and 46 pounds of pork per person [2]. This enormous appetite for meat is eating away at wildlife habitats, freshwater resources and climate stability. Our planet is currently experiencing the worst extinction crisis since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and what we put on our plates has a serious effect on wildlife, especially those already endangered and threatened.


Take extinction off your plate with our featured wildlife-friendly recipes. Click HERE to continue reading full article  

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