The Hungry Orphaned Black Bear Cubs…

Mother bear sends her cubs quickly up a tree, as she makes herself the decoy, and leads the mob of hounds away from her precious cubs. Exhausted she climbs a … Read More

Please Take Action: Only You Can Prevent #Extinction…

As a child growing up in the sixties I learned to respect our fellow creatures and to set things right. But… “The More Things Change, The More They Remain The … Read More

WODCW Opinion Editorial: Criminally harassing protected gray wolves is a violation of the Endangered Species Act

By Rachel Tilseth  In 2016 41 dogs were killed in the pursuit of bear in northern Wisconsin.  Are any wolves being injured or killed in the decades-old conflict between bear … Read More

Harassment of an endangered species in the north woods of Wisconsin began July first

Hunters using dogs in pursuit of bear in the norths woods of Wisconsin run their hounds right through wolf rendezvous sites (where wolf pups are kept).  Wolf pups are only … Read More

Opinion Editorial: Wisconsin is the only state in the nation that compensates hunters when wolves kill their animals…

A hunter gets up to $2,500 per dog — even when a hunter violates state rules or releases hounds in areas the state Department of Natural Resources has mapped as … Read More

“Make no mistake, bear hunting is blood sport, especially with hounds…”

…direct quote from the author, Dale Bowman, of a recent article; Loose the hounds: Following bear hounds in northern Wisconsin, in The Chicago Sun Times, on August 22, 2016.  The author of … Read More

Top story in Wisconsin as hound hunters lose two more dogs in pursuit of bear in Douglas & Sawyer counties 

On Saturday July 9th two more dogs were killed, one in Douglas county was a Black and Tan, male, 6 months old, and the other in Sawyer county was a … Read More

Top Story in WI: First fatality of training dogs on bear in wolf range took place on July 5, 2016

On July 5th, 2016 in Sawyer county, WI a  hunting dog (Walker female, 6 years old) became the first fatality of wolves protecting thier rendezvous site against large packs of … Read More

Is Wisconsin Ready to Pay the High Price for Hound Hunting?

When wolves were taken off the Endangered Species list in the Great Lakes area in 2012 Wisconsin rushed to legislatively mandate a wolf hunt.  Not only did the state mandate … Read More

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