WODCW Op Ed: Bear hunting with hounds is “risky behavior’ 

In a Wisconsin State Journal, Guest Column, Carl Schoettel, of Neosho, president of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, stated his opinion entitled;  Bear hunting with hounds isn’t risky behavior Schoettel … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Don’t blame wolves for killing hounds 

By Cynthia Samels Wisconsin State Journal September 1, 2016 Here we go again with politicians carrying the torch for trophy hunters in Wisconsin. In response to the Aug. 25 article … Read More

“Make no mistake, bear hunting is blood sport, especially with hounds…”

…direct quote from the author, Dale Bowman, of a recent article; Loose the hounds: Following bear hounds in northern Wisconsin, in The Chicago Sun Times, on August 22, 2016.  The author of … Read More

The sport of bear hounding results in injuries or death to both bears and dogs 

Bear hounding leaves cubs vulnerable to being  mauled, orphaned and leads to death. Not to mention this sport disrupts other native wildlife, such as wolves that are rearing pups. Other … Read More

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