Gray Wolves are at Risk of Loosing Federal Protection…

Please take action for America’s Gray wolf… From D.C. to Yellowstone National Park’s Montana boundary the Gray wolf has been persecuted. Delisting Legislation is being considered in the senate (already … Read More

Ill conceived Assembly Bill 712 Takes a Nose-Dive in Public Hearing

On Wednesday January 10th the Committee on Natural Resources & Sporting Heritage held a Public Hearing on Assembly Bill 712. Assembly Bill 712 is legislation not guided by or based … Read More

Tell congress to stop the attacks on the Endangered Species Act: please take action for wolves

In congress several lawmakers are working on legislation to delist wolves in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota & Wyoming. This legislation by Senator Ron Johnson (D-WI) calls for delisting of wolves.  A brief … Read More

The Chicago Tribune Weighs in on the Share Act 

Editorial Board, Editorial: Federal legislation a threat to wolves and wilderness March 11, 2016 If you think the problem with modern America is that there are too many wolves, a … Read More

Take Action- There are two anti-wolf bills in the senate.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) introduced an amendment  that would remove wolves from federal Endangered Species Act protections in four states and no judicial review.  This is the second anti-wolf bill … Read More

Action Alert – for wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming states: Senate panel backs bill to drop wolf protections

  January 20, 2016 anti-wolf legislation is on the move again in congress.  The  Detroit Free Press reports Senate panel backs bill to drop wolf protections.  By Matthew Daly, Associated Press 2:27 … Read More

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