Wisconsin’s Green Fire Hosting a Webinar Panel Discussion on Gray Wolves

Opportunities for Collaboration: A Shared Vision for Wolves in Wisconsin from http://www.wigreenfire.org Wednesday, August 26, 11:00am to 12:30pm How: Space is Limited and Registration is Required. Register “The Western Great … Read More

US Rep Sean Duffy (R-WI) Proposes Removing Endangered Species Act Protection for Gray Wolves in the Lower 48 States…

…Duffy wants management returned to the states and court challenges of management plans would not be allowed under his proposal. Duffy proposes removing wolves from Endangered Species Act Law would … Read More

Letter to the editor: We don’t need wolf hunting seasons to control wolf depredation

Source: madison.com Dear Editor:  Sen. Tom Tiffany promotes wolf delisting to restart wolf hunting seasons, else “you’re going to see attacks on pets, cattle and hopefully not people.” He warns hunters … Read More

Opinion editorial: Numbers don’t add up in wolf-hound debate

By Adrian Wydeven  As often is the case with ecological issues, simple answers or solutions are often inadequate or incorrect.  Everyone likes a good mystery, especially one where an unlikely … Read More

WPR Joy Cardin Show – Big Question: Who Should Control Wisconsin’s Wolf Population?

Aired September 14, 2016 Listen to Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin Public Radio  Click HERE to listen to the broadcast- Supporters of a gray wolf hunt in Wisconsin will meet Thursday to … Read More

Wisconsin Wolves Presentation Thursday March 24 at 7 p.m. At the Great Lakes Visitor Center

Source: Wolves program set for Thursday at NGLVC by Sara M Chase, Ashland Daily Press Children’s stories and fairy tales perpetuate accounts of the dangers of wolves, from the wolf that … Read More

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