People & Wolves Film Project Will Interview Dr. Jane Goodall

People & Wolves: The Wisconsin Story

Wolves Mired in Political Intrigue

The film tells the story of Wisconsin’s gray wolves, the controversies surrounding them, and how people are learning to coexist as these native predators are again fulfilling their ecological role after returning to the state about 45 years ago.

We have been in contact with Dr. Jane Goodall about what’s been happening to Wisconsin’s wild gray wolf and she has graciously agreed to be our first interview!

Dr. Jane Goodall  is a world famous primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace. She is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and Roots and Shoots. Her work began in Tanzania where she studied the social and familial behaviors of chimpanzees. She is considered the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees. Her work has been critical to conservation and animal welfare efforts.

I first made contact with  Dr. Goodall back in 1999.  I let her know all about Wisconsin’s wolf recovery program to which she responded with three handwritten postcards from Dar es Salaam , Tanzania Africa.   I decided  to ask her if she would be willing to appear in our film project, and I sent her an email.  I received a response from her the very next day agreeing  to be interviewed.  How fortunate it is to have Dr. Jane Goodall speaking up for Wisconsin’s wild gray wolf!  The (Zoom)  interview is set for the second week in June.

More Information about  http://People & Wolves: The Wisconsin Story is available on this website. The documentary will examine the various people involved between several opposing forces for over a decade culminating with court battles. People & Wolves will present the viewer with the story of Wisconsin’s gray wolves and the controversy surrounding them on both sides. Since Gray wolves recolonized parts of Wisconsin, the viewer will learn; how it affects people living in  the wolf’s territory as a part of the broader story that must be told. The film will interview state agency personnel, biologists, livestock owners, farmers, tribes and hunters to get a complete picture presenting their stories.


Dr. Jane Goodall,

Adrian Wydeven

Marvin DeFoe

Peter David


Producer & Director:

Rachel Tilseth


Manish Bhatt


Benjamin Coffey

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  1. Awesome, Reading the Book of Hope by Jane Goodall, Prayers for the wolves and all creatures great and small.

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