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People & Wolves Talk Show works with dedicated professionals to document the conscious relationships between People & Wolves. People & Wolves Talk show shares stories of people working to coexist with wild wolves. Wild grey wolves are now struggling for survival worldwide. People & Wolves Talk Show works with filmmakers, scientists, academics, journalists, writers, fine artists, Wildlife photographers and musicians, that share a common interest to produce, to share educational stories of People & Wolves.

Hosts Brunella Pernigotti live from Turin, Italy and Alexander Vaeth live from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and producer Rachel Tilseth live from Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Host Alexander Vaeth

Alex is a volunteer wolf tracker with the Wisconsin DNR, and a Spanish teacher by training. He completed his graduate studies in Spanish at Middlebury’s language schools in Vermont, USA, Madrid, Spain, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. He teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and volunteers as a medical interpreter in the city’s community clinic. Alex spends nearly all his free time in the woods tracking and monitoring wildlife with remote cameras and is also keenly interested in wolf advocacy and research.

Alex’s statement regarding the recent wolf hunt 

I have always been fascinated by wolves, but had never lived near a wild population until my wife and I decided to move to Wisconsin to work in the UW system teaching Spanish. We moved from North Carolina and ultimately chose UW-Eau Claire for many reasons. The Wisconsin DNR has a longstanding volunteer tracker program that allowed me to move to Wisconsin and get involved in wolf monitoring almost immediately. I have been learning about the packs I track in the Central Forest as well as the history of wolf recovery and wolf hunting in Wisconsin. The most recent hunt was deeply saddening for me, as some of the wolves I have been tracking for two years were likely killed (I have seen no sign of them since the end of February). There is no convincing biological argument I have seen for hunting wolves, let alone slaughtering them in the manner just witnessed here in Wisconsin. It is also frustrating to see the First Nations tribes in Wisconsin so brazenly ignored, as they are tried and true stewards of the natural world and need to have a role in wildlife “management” and decision-making in the region.

Host Alexander Vaeth’s recent interview with with Adrian Wydeven about the recent February 2021 wolf hunt. The discussion was live-streamed on People & Wolves Talk Show’s YouTube Channel

Host Brunella Pernigotti live from Turin Italy

I love wolves and nature in general. Even if I’m not a biologist, I’m improving my knowledge of wolves and their problems to survive in my country, to devote myself to the protection of the environment and of the endangered species as far as I can do.

I live in Turin, Italy. I’m a teacher, a writer and a photographer. I published a novel and a book of tales and have to my credit about ten one-man exhibitions of photos. I’m a member of the board of a no-profit association of Turin, “Tribù del Badnightcafè”, that organizes cultural and artistic events. Besides I created a group of volunteers to help women who are victim of domestic violence.About Brunella’s writing career. 

Someone says that from the moment we are born we begin to forget. Each story, therefore, has neither a beginning nor an end. Everything happens but nothing has happened, as in the eternal present of an empty hourglass. Time is not a line that projects us into a dark and distant future, time is circular, like the earthly sphere, like the universe, like everything that comes and goes …

Author of the Empty Hourglass 

Brunella Pernigotti was born and lives in Turin. Besides being a teacher and translator, she writes with passion and enthusiasm. 

She considers writing her main tool for investigating and trying to understand the human soul: “after all, every creative act is like a shell that is brought to the surface, after diving into the depths of ourselves”. 

In addition to “The empty hourglass”, which won several prizes, including the first prize at the “Priamar” International Literary Competition in Savona, in the “Narrativa Edita” section, she has successfully published a collection of fairy tales entitled “Let’s pretend that … “. She also writes screenplays for short films and plays.

In the last ten years she has had photography exhibitions in various personal exhibitions and creating installations and artistic projects. 

She considers life “a continuous search for new ways to express what she sees and hears”.

Brunella’s most recent interview

Interview on the National wolf monitoring about those who work in the field. Brunella Pernigotti hosted Luca Giunti and Antonio Iannibelli, who talked about the data collection strategy and possible interpretations, with particular reference to the different realities in which they operate.

Producer Rachel Tilseth

The show’s producer is Rachel Tilseth. Tilseth is a freelance writer, fine artist & educator, and environmentalist. Tilseth has been a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Volunteer Winter Wolf Tracker since the year 2000. Tilseth worked with the Wisconsin Wolf Recovery Program as a volunteer since 1998, and as a result learned about the lives of wild gray wolves. Tilseth worked to draw attention to the plight of Gray wolves during the three years Wisconsin held wolf hunts. Rachel is founder and owner of Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin. As an environmentalist Tilseth has organized events, film screenings and a film festival. Tilseth received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education in 1992 from UW-Stout, graduating with cum laude honors.

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