Stay Home, Safer at Home, Stop the Spread and Together we are strong!

Two weeks feels like a lifetime as everything, everyone slows-down. We want you to stay safe, stay healthy and stay home. Lindsey, Brunella and myself are reporting on this worldwide Covid-19 epidemic. Lindsey will have the latest on how to cope with isolation. He should have that up soon. Brunella is in Italy and will bring you news about how Italians are coping with a country in lockdown.

This is not the time to lay blame on who or what started the coronavirus worldwide epidemic. It’s a time to be #TogetherStrong. We must let our doctors and scientists take the lead.

We haven’t forgotten about wolves. We will keep everyone updated regarding wolf news. Photograph credit John E Marriott.

#StayHome #SaferAtHome #StopTheSpread

Wishing all of our readers health! —Lindsey, Brunella & Rachel

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