Support Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy: The Yellowstone Story Film Project this Holiday Season

Make a gift for the film project that educates and advocates for Yellowstone’s wolves. Too many yellowstone Gray wolves have fallen prey to unjust laws that support trophy hunting. Once a gray wolf steps off the park boundary there’s no protection. All three states that surround Yellowstone National Park hold legal wolf hunts.

The Yellowstone Story Film

This is a story of passion, endurance and fighting even when the odds are against you. In this story I want to introduce you to four courageous people working to preserve the legacy of Yellowstone’s wolves. People either love or hate the wolf, and he’s been long misunderstood for many centuries.

One of the advocates working to preserve the legacy of Yellowstone’s wolves is Linda Thurston, and here’s her dialogue from the film’s pitch trailer:

“We’ll watch wolf packs in the park and we get to learn about every individual and their personalities. And the younger ones, the older ones, and the ones you know are the good hunters for instance, and the ones that play the support roles and learn their personalities. Then we’ll watch them for years. Then there’s an elk hunt and a wolf hunt right outside the park. These wolves will leave because it’s a free meal for them to eat a gut pile that an elk hunter left on the landscape. Then that wolf might get shot over it. And it’s heartbreaking for us to see this animal, it’s not like our pet, but we get to learn its personality like as if it was a pet. And it just breaks our heart and makes you wanna speak up and do something about it.”

Support Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy: The Yellowstone Story Film Project

Make a donation through the film’s fiscal sponsor Film North.

Watch the Pitch Trailer for more information on the film project.

Happy Holidays!

About Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films, LLC
WODCW is a Film Company producing film projects that inspire change through environmental education and legislation. Gray wolves are recovering on a worldwide landscape, our films, involve a global audience. We connect and engage viewers with filmmakers dedicated to documenting the conscious relationships between advocates and Gray wolves.

We view the need for people to meaningfully engage with its wild wolves that are now struggling for survival worldwide.

To support this effort, we maintain a network of subject matter experts in film producers, scientists, academics, as well as other advocates who share a common interest to advocate, produce and share educational stories of people and Gray wolves.

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