Humane Society of the United States ‘Humane Lobby Day’ set for April 13, 2017 

HSUS Humane Lobby Day is a significant day especially with the US congress’ War on Wolves Act being waged in congress. Wolf advocates need to participate in this day of lobbying; so that we can show Wisconsin state legislators that we are a collective voice for wolves. Join HSUS state representative, Melissa Tedrowe, and animal advocates from across the state for Humane Lobby Day, state capital on April 13, 2017. Please attend!

From HSUS Wisconsin state director Melissa Tedrowe:

Wisconsin animal advocates: Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 13, Humane Lobby Day 2017! Sponsored by The HSUS in states across the country, Humane Lobby Day is a day when animal advocates come to the state Capitol to talk with their legislators about current animal protection issues. This year’s Humane Lobby Day in Wisconsin will include a special award ceremony for standout legislators, a mini-workshop on passing local ordinances to protect animals, and an end-of-day social hour where you can mix and mingle with people who care about animals just like you. Whether you’re new to Humane Lobby Day or a seasoned advocate, we want to see you in Madison on April 13. (If you live outside of Wisconsin, click the link below to learn about Humane Lobby Day where you live.)

HSUS Humane Lobby Day links click HERE


So many have stepped forward for wolves..

There is a community of wolf advocates from across Wisconsin and the nation coming together to work for wolves. This warms the heart ❤️ and gives hope for the future. We are together as one large body ready to fight the War on Wolves Act. Anti wolf politicians, lacking core values; are striking at the heart of the environmental movement. But we are there Standing on the moral high ground to defend the earth; wilderness, wolves and wildlife.

Keep fighting on!

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin 


Featured image by John E Marriott

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