Will the Government Ever Get it Right on Delisting the Gray Wolf in the Great Lakes Region?

These and other questions come to mind as the Federal Government Working On Removing Gray Wolf From Endangered Species List . Will Wisconsin be transparent in its management of the … Read More

Humane Society of the United States exposes predator killing contests in an undercover story.

Killing to conserve a species is not conservation. The following story by Humane Society of the United States exposes the cruelty taking place in predator killing contests. Undercover video takes … Read More

Snare Traps Indiscriminate Killers, Land Mines Concealed in the Wilderness

…Snare Trap is a device concealed underground and baited with tantalizing attractive scents capable of causing great suffering for its victims. A male Timber wolf in northern Minnesota became the … Read More

Humane Society of the United States ‘Humane Lobby Day’ set for April 13, 2017 

HSUS Humane Lobby Day is a significant day especially with the US congress’ War on Wolves Act being waged in congress. Wolf advocates need to participate in this day of … Read More

Highlights from Wisconsin’s premiere night of “Medicine of the Wolf” in Madison…

…produced and direct by Julia Huffman. On Wednesday night the Barrymore theatre’s box office line was all the way down the block.  A big thank you to the panel members … Read More

Learning to live with predators

A Wisconsin premiere of “Medicine of the Wolf” explores ecological significance by Craig Johnson Source: The Isthmus  October 13, 2016 Why are we afraid of the big, bad wolf? Is it … Read More

Tickets on sale now for Wisconsin’s premiere of the award winning documentary film ‘Medicine of the Wolf’ 

   The Humane Society of the U.S. & Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin are pleased to announce the Wisconsin premiere of the award winning documentary film ‘Medicine of The Wolf’ … Read More

Who owns these 100 million acres of wildlife habitat on Federal lands? 

From A Humane Nation Wayne Pacelle’s Blog  Federal Lands Belong to All of Us – Whether In Oregon, Alaska, or Elsewhere, February 5, 2016 Something very anti-American has been happening in … Read More

Help Humane Society of the United States in the Fight to Protect Wisconsin’s Gray Wolf

Humane Society of the U.S. stopped the trophy of hunt of wild wolves in Wisconsin, Great Lakes Region and in the U.S. numerous times. Please review the following Timeline of … Read More

Great Lakes Wolf Delisting Threat Continues in 2016

I have been a supporter of Wisconsin’s wolf recovery for a couple of decades. When I began working, as a volunteer monitoring wolves, only 249 wolves resided in Wisconsin (cited … Read More

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