An exclusive sneak peek at ‘Teachers in the Forest’ a new book by Barry Babcock

Teachers in the Forest is a new book written by Barry Babcock about his life experiences living simplistically with and not against nature.  

“Nothing has more symbolic meaning for me than the wolf. For thousands of years we have waged a campaign of eradication against the wolf in the worst possible manner.” ~Barry Babcock, ‘Teachers in the Forest’

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Babcock lives off the grid in the Mississippi Headwaters Country of northern Minnesota. His lifestyle is one of simple and self-sustaining existence. He gathers what he needs from the land by gardening, hunting, harvesting, and his only electricity is harnessed from the sun, and his water from a well which is pumped daily by hand.

  He lives an intimate balance with the natural world. He has pursued a way of life distanced from the economic and consumptive norms which he believes can hinder a persons connection to the natural world. He truly lives on the perimeter of society. With a deep love and respect for the land, he has been active in curbing the transformation of northern Minnesota which has been enacted by extractive industry, motorized recreation, and development.

For over two decades he has been active with the Tri-County Leech Lake Watershed Project, and is the founder of the grassroots organization Jack Pine Coalition. Since the delisting of wolves from the Endangered Species Act, Babcock has been pro-actively fighting to protect this animal. This has included speaking to legislature in conjunction with the non-profit group Howling for Wolves, and assisting with the production of the documentary Medicine of the Wolf.”

Excerpt from book:

“Several winters later while again out on snowshoes with Babsy on the Twin Pines trail; I came across an old deer kill from earlier that winter. All that was left were the rib bones in the middle of the trail bleached white by the winter sun. Babsy was out ahead of me and stopped to sniff the bones with more than her usual interest. As I approached, I notice right away two sets of fresh wolf tracks in the snow and some bright yellow urine on the rib bones that was still wet and unfrozen which meant it happened recently. As I knelt to get a closer look, I noticed Babsy’s attention was focused elsewhere. I stood and looked off to the south side of the trail, and on a small rise in some old tamaracks saw two wolves beautifully yet mysteriously silhouetted against the low sun. They were standing one directly behind the other, appearing to be relaxed and attentively watching us. There was no fear, no hatred, only four living organisms meeting one another, and then they casually turned and disappeared. My only emotion was of contentment that they were here. Nothing has more symbolic meaning for me than the wolf. For thousands of years we have waged a campaign of eradication against the wolf in the worst possible manner.”

Message from the author, Barry Babcock:

It will be released soon. TEACHERS IN THE FOREST discusses my life experiences living simplistically with and not against nature and and how through the teachings of Larry Stillday, Aldo Leopold, and Thoreau, I have learned that by closely observing the natural world around me has taught me, both spiritually and academically, how to live a better life. 

My publisher – Riverfeet Press – will be hosting a prerelease sale, and you can find that info by going to Riverfeet Books Facebook page by clicking HERE .  

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My friend Michael Meuers is one of two people (besides the publisher, Daniel Rice of Riverfeet Press) who have read it. This is what Michael Meuers says: 

“Barry uses his extraordinary ability for recall to blend his own vast knowledge of living off the grid and the teachings of Henry David Thoreau, Aldo Leopold, and Larry Stillday.” ~Michael Meuers

I have the great privilege of being a close friend of Barry Babcock. I had the opportunity to read his new book Teachers of the Forest several weeks before publication. I’ve been eager for others to share in my experience. Pictured: Barry Babcock with his good Friend Michael Meuers

Barry walks the walk. He and his wife Linda own 40 acres living literally “off the grid.” You’ll read stories of that land, about gardening, a hidden lake, three dogs, a gas refrigerator, an outdoor hand pump, with 100% of their electricity generated from solar collectors. The author fishes, hunts with a bow, wild rices, and does sugar bush.
  There are stories of the earth, about plants for nourishment and medicine. Stories of the winged ones; chickadees, grosbeaks, ruffed grouse, eagles and swans, and there are tales of the four-legged; deer, bear, beaver, and our besieged brother, the wolf.
Barry blends his experience with science and the world-view of our Indigenous cousins. In the end, Barry taught me about the teachers of the forest.

One of the many woodland visitors at the Babcock’s home.


Featured image is of Barry Babcock with his dogs.

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