How cleverly named charities deceive you. 

When 501c”3″ mission isn’t what you think.

Many people would be surprised to read that the cute little Ranger Rick Racoon children’s  magazine is part of National Wildlife Federation. NWF backs trophy hunting of wolves. NWF even asks you to adopt of wolf right on their website. 

Why would they ask you to adopt a wolf so that they can promote it as a game animal to be trophy hunted? 

Read more on this in a previous blog here:

Even more outlandish is using a cute panda as a logo to get donations as is the case with World Wildlife Fund. Here’s the statement on trophy hunting from thier own website. Read it for yourself  here:

These conservation organizations want your money to operate under a cloudy mission that hides the bloody reality: “kill ’em to save ’em” which is nothing more than a good old boy conservation practice gone wrong. 

Killing is not conservation. 

Always research before you click the donate bar. One great resource for checking out a charity is Charity Navigator at

There are many small worthy charities within your state, or in your community that do very good work. But just like in the national arena some local charities might not be what you think.  Because there is no proof of thier real mission being accomplished.

Questions To Ask Charities Before Donating in the following link


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