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“The Call” is a creative interactive project that combines dance, photography, video and theatrical narration.

The actors and writers will present a behind the scenes look at the production and answer your questions live-streamed on Facebook Sunday April 12, 2020 at 06:30 PM (Italian time).

“The call” was born from the meeting of two photographers: Paola Luciani and Antonio Iannibelli who share their love for nature and wolves. From this meeting the desire to show the wolf with different images was born, breaking the stereotypes that bind this animal to ancestral fear.

Next Sunday 12 April at 6:30 pm inviaggioconlobiettivo.it will present the the actors of the theater show “THE CALL” live on their Facebook page. They will reveal some secrets of how this project was born. And answer your questions.

A project that represents the elements of the wild that is focused on the violence against women and nature, in particular against wolves. The show was staged on November 20 at the Teatro Comunale di Sasso Marconi (Bologna) thanks to the actors, writers, directors and production by Paola Luciani, Antonio Iannibelli, Giuliano Lugli, Davide Lazzaroni, Marika Mazzetti, Kiara Aradia.

The Call is a creative interaction project that combines dance, photography, video and theatrical narration.

The aim is to create a show that regards the theme of nature, released from standardized interpretative superstructures, represented by the imagined wolf described and seen in its original condition.

The recovery of the natural element is intended as a metaphor for the liberation from the conditioned patterns and models, especially in relation to the female figure, that is still a victim of social, human and cultural influences. Women are still seen as subordinates, if not even objects, both in in the private sphere, and in the context of modern society.
A project therefore where “The Call” concept means the recovery of conscious and positive identity, against all forms of abuse and violence.

“The call” was born from the meeting of two photographers: Paola Luciani and Antonio Iannibelli who share their love for nature and wolves. From this meeting the desire to show the wolf with different images was born, breaking the stereotypes that bind this animal to ancestral fear.

Antonio Iannibelli’s photographs tell of the Italian wild wolf, who lives on the Apennine ridge and which he has observed since childhood: the teachings of his shepherd grandfather and the wild nature of the Pollino National Park made him reach a great love for wild animals, in particular the wolf. 

Paola Luciani, on the other side, pays attention to the introspective aspect of women, the freedom and awareness that they find when they can listen to their instinctive part and can follow the “call” of the she-wolf who lives in each of them.

The images mix with the dance, expertly orchestrated and conducted by Marika Mazzetti of the Sasso Marconi School of Dance Ensemble, who brings her young students to the stage. It was also an important moment to celebrate 40 years of the birth of the dance school with a show that highlights the woman in her most intimate and archetypal part.

The narrative voice is by Davide Lazzaroni who leads the spectators into the woods to meet Nature with texts of his composition.

Kiara Aradia is the model in Paola Luciani’s photographs. She has already collaborated with the photographer in the project “Candore violato” about violence against women and author of the award-winning book “My Kingdom for a horse”.

The images of the videos are by Giuliano Lugli and Antonio Iannibelli, while the graphics are entrusted to Simone Lazzaroni – Diemmedi.com
The call is a single act organized by: Danza Ensemble “Gloria Barbieri” – Paola Luciani Photographer – Provediemozioni – ItaliaWildWolf.it – Collegium Lunae.

“The Call” trailer


PAOLA LUCIANI – For the seventh consecutive year Paola Luciani has staged her project for the World Day against violence against women. She has always been sensitive to these issues, this show she mixes visual arts with dance and storytelling, leading the viewer to listen and reflect on the condition of the woman and the she-wolf, a powerful, inner and sometimes forgotten archetype. Those who manage to respond to the call of the she-wolf will be able to heal themselves and to return to running free. The CALL is indeed a project of wild freedom. With Danza Ensemble “G. Barbieri” Paola had previously collaborated for her Open (h) Air project.

ANTONIO IANNIBELLI – He was born and lived in the heart of the Pollino National Park until his early teens, developing a great love for nature and animals and creating the basis for a deep knowledge of the Apennine fauna, nurturing a particular passion for the wolf. He loves to make known the importance of this animal within the ecosystem. He founded the cultural association Provediemozioni.it which deals with photography and environmental education; through the national network Italian Wild Wolf he has given voice to the many volunteers, enthusiasts and wolf scholars; in 2008 he created the Wolf Festival, a biennialevent that debates on the natural role of the wolf in Italy. He devotes part of his free time to voluntary activities in defense of the environment and biodiversity as a Voluntary Ecological Guard (GEV). His photographs and videos all have free wolves in the Italian wilderness.

KIARA ARADIA – She is performer and writer from Carrara. She took part in the project THE CALL working with Paola LucianiPhotographer in the narration of the wolf woman. It is the second consecutive year that Kiara is engaged in projects against violence against women. She is the author of the book “My Kingdom for a horse” presented last year in the project “Candore violato” which saw her starring with Paola Luciani.

MARIKA MAZZETTI – She is the choreographer of the show THE CALL. She is the Artistic Director of “Dance Ensemble – G. Barbieri” and “Studio Danza Ensemble”, so she totally dedicates her time to professional updating and to transmitting to the students, in addition to her technical perfection, her innate and engaging passion for dance. Marika has already worked with Paola Luciani on the Open (h) Air project against violence against women. The CALL was one of the appointments to celebrate the 40 years of life of her school in Sasso Marconi.

DAVIDE LAZZARONI – He is the narrative voice of the show. Reflections, words, emotions and images lead us to get to know the wolf and its partner. Davide is an Olympic and historical fencing teacher, radio host, musician and writer. For 7 years he has been the narrating voice of all Paola Luciani’s projects and has also collaborated with Danza Ensemble for the shows Inferno and the Phantom of the Opera. Although he knows how to live well between fencing halls and stage, his second home is certainly the woods.

GIUGLIANO LUGLI – He was entrusted with many images of the project THE CALL, he dealt with the editing of the digital media that are in the show. Giuliano has been working in the video production sector since 2001. He is fond of cinema, musicand visual arts and started his career in a local television, then undertook his activity as independent video maker. He has been collaborating with Paola Luciani since 2013 and participated in her many social projects.

THE STUDENTS of “Danza Ensemble” school, led by MarikaMazzetti, dance during the show THE CALL.

Translated from Italian by Brunella Pernigotti

A Film Project “Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy – The Yellowstone Story”

A film that presents the viewer with a complete picture of what it means to advocate for an imperiled species protected within Yellowstone National Park; contrasted against an uncertain future because of wolf hunting taking place just beyond the park’s borders.

“Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy- The Yellowstone Story” tells the stories of people working to preserve the legacy of wolves in Yellowstone National Park. A Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Film. Produced by Rachel Tilseth And Maaike Middleton and Directed by Rachel Tilseth. Make a tax deductible contribution here to support the film project.

These stories will be the inspiration that helps the viewer to gain insight into the heart of wolf advocacy. Marc Cooke is one of the wolf advocates with a story to tell. Mark Cooke founded the nonprofit called Wolves of the Rockies headquartered out of Stevensville, Montana.

Marc Cooke was born in Connecticut and living between both Cape Cod and Connecticut to a family of law enforcement officers. He attended parochial, public and private educational institution. During his childhood, he began what was to become a lifelong enjoyment and commitment to both domestic animals and wildlife well-being.

Marc Cooke After completion of higher education at Johnson & Wales University, he joined the United States Army to begin what would become a steady commitment to giving back to this country and causes he believed in. While in the military he was stationed in Germany and helped support Desert Storm and Desert Shield. It was during this time he met and married Lorenza and eventually moved to Switzerland.

After being Repatriated to Cape Cod Massachusetts for several years and continuing to have an interest in horses and wildlife. He eventually moved west and settled down in North West Montana.

Enjoying all that Montana has to offer he quickly realized that wildlife was unnecessarily being abused for pleasure and profit. He became active at the grassroots level to abolish trapping in Montana. All the while watching the beginning of irrational hatred and abuse meant for wolves that had been reintroduced into Yellowstone and Idaho. He quickly shifted gears and began attending wolf related private and public hearings. It didn’t take long to realize that wolves were being railroaded and had virtually no grassroots support to defend and protect these animals at the local level. Livestock producers and all consumptive and trophy hunting organization were having their way with future wolf management in Montana and elsewhere.

As an individual, no county, state or federal decision-makers were listening. This was when Marc and several other pro-wolf individuals began National Wolf Watcher Coalition a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit. This eventually led to another nonprofit he founded called Wolves of the Rockies headquartered out of Stevensville, Montana.

Wolves of the Rockies is the most active local and national wolf defender and protector in Montana. Wolves of the Rockies has developed long-term relationships with other hunting and pro-wolf state and national conservation organizations. Along with decision makers such as Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commissioners and state and federal elected officials.

Marc Cooke Under Wolves of the Rockies leadership, we have achieved many pro-wolf accomplishments. The creation of two subunits 313 & 316 that border Yellowstone National Park. They have gone from no wolf killing quota to only being able to hunt or trap two wolves in each. Also, no individual hunter can kill more than one wolf in 313 & 316. Rewards for the apprehension of Yellowstone wolf poachers, derailing the intention of extending wolf hunting season in the Bitterroot Valley that would have allowed the hunting of midterm pregnant wolves. He pushed for a Montana Trapping Advisory Committee that will represent the anti-trapping public. Closing the wolf hunting season around Yellowstone National Park for several months one year. WotR has derailed or softened many legislative bills that were considered anti-wolf and carnivore.

More on this documentary film project …

Inside the “Heart of Wolf Advocacy-The Yellowstone” Story is the story of the people that advocate to preserve the legacy of wolves in Yellowstone. Here’s more on the other wolf advocates in the film.

Ilona Popper writer, wolf watcher and member of Bear Creek Council.

Rick Lamplugh author and member of Bear Creek Council.

Nathan is the owner of The Wild Side, LLC, a wildlife touring business specializing in outfitting groups of all ages to view wolves and other wildlife in Yellowstone National Park.

And more interviews…

Along with interviews from the Yellowstone Wolf Project Doug Smith, Rick McIntyre and Kira Cassidy.

“Inside the Heart of Wolf Advocacy-The Yellowstone Story”. presents the viewer with a complete picture of what it means to advocate for an imperiled species protected within Yellowstone National Park; contrasted against an uncertain future because of wolf hunts taking place just beyond the park’s borders.

About the producers…

Maaike Middleton Co Producer

M.A Documentary by Practice, University of London – Royal Holloway

Graduated with Merit  B.A Media & Theatre Arts, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, Graduated Cum Laude

Raised in the Paradise Valley, schooled in London, traveled to 25+ countries, rooted in the Montana wilds. Growing up in Paradise Valley all I wanted to do was travel and see the world. After getting my BA in Filmmaking from Montana State University I did just that. I traveled to some amazing places, from the wild Gobi dessert in Mongolia to the temples of Angor Wat in Cambodia to the hustle and bustle of London where I received a Masters in Documentary filmmaking from the University of London. Returning to Paradise Valley to document the beauty that surrounds me daily. My passport ever ready for the next international adventure and hiking boots ready to explore the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Rachel Tilseth Co Producer and Director

Rachel holds a Batchelor of Science Degree in Art Education, graduated Cum Laude and is a retired art teacher. Tilseth’s interests in nature, specifically wolves, led her to advocate for wolves and wildlife. In the year 2000 she became involved in WI DNR Wolf Recovery Program working as a volunteer winter wolf tracker to present. She founded the blog and social media network Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin to bring education and awareness to Wisconsin’s wild wolf. Tilseth has spent several years speaking out against wolf trophy hunts. Tilseth is active in working to ban Wolf Hounding in Wisconsin. She has a strong background in the visual arts. She’s a sculptor and oil painter. Tilseth has expanded her interest into filmmaking. She’s currently in the process of creating a documentary film about the heart of wolf advocacy.

Donate Here

We now have a fiscal sponsor for our film. To make a tax deductible contribution go to Plan B Foundation and donate today! Five percent of your donation goes to help wolves and wolf programs throughout the USA.

Featured photograph by Wild at Heart Images Sandi Sisti