Lessons from a dead wolf: Oregon must stop poisoning wildlife (Opinion)

Until wolves were delisted from the endangered species act, Oregon had a written agreement with Wildlife Services that prohibited using cyanide poison traps in known wolf territories. (National Park Service) … Read More

The new book “Journey” documents the travels of wolf OR-7

Journey The Amazing Story of Or-7, the Oregon Wolf That Made History.  Author Becky Elgin  “Join the adventures of the famous wolf OR-7, also known as Journey, as he trots … Read More

Opinion Editorial: Wolf delisting decision not based on the facts

Source: The Register-Guard By Adrian Treves FEB. 15, 2016 Last fall, the state Fish and Wildlife Commission voted 4-2 to remove protections of the state Endangered Species Act for gray wolves. … Read More

The State of the Wolves, 2015-2016

by Rick Lamplugh’s Blog click HERE to go to Rick’s blog    For wolves and their advocates, 2015 was a year of triumph and tragedy. The year began with the glow from … Read More

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