Wisconsin’s Gray Wolf Will Likely Pay the Price for Sheep Farmers’ Mistakes!

Non lethal wolf management can work, but only if everyone is onboard. Recently a sheep farm in Northern Wisconsin’s wolf range lost a number of sheep to wolves. Several factors … Read More

Letter to the Editor – Brodie Farquhar: Wolves, humans can coexist

Source: Steamboat Today  Dear Editor, My compliments to Jim Patterson for his “Crying Wolf” feature Sunday. It was well done and covered the basics of the issue. I appreciate this, … Read More

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife’s focus continues to be on non-lethals first. With the evidence suggesting deterrents are effective.

Source: East Oregonian – Workshop focuses on wolf management in Eastern Oregon by George Plavin Despite killing four wolves from the Imnaha Pack earlier this year for repeatedly attacking livestock, the Oregon … Read More

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