Action Alert: Stop the War on Wolves Act 

Senators from Midwest introduce bill to strip protections from endangered gray wolves. The legislation would stop citizens right to challenge this legislation in a court of law. There are currently … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Opposed to wolf bill

Source Daily Press (Michigan) EDITOR: Gov. Rick Snyder signed another law authorizing the trophy hunting and commercial trapping of Michigan’s wolves, even though residents rejected an almost identical measure in … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Wolf law subverts will of people

Source: The Daily Mining Gazette (Michigan) January 7, 2017 To the editor: What gives politicians the right to function unilaterally and particularly when it is directly against the will of their constituents? … Read More

Dear Senator Tammy Baldwin; As a Wisconsin resident, I am writing to implore you to keep gray wolves listed 

WODCW’s letter writing campaign yielded several fact filled letters urging Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin to withdraw her support of federal delisting. Unfortunately the senator did not withdraw her support of … Read More

Wolves may generate cascading effects through changes in coyote distribution. 

These changes benefit hares and foxes, while also reducing the deer mouse population in some years. Journal of Mammalogy Article Source: Foxes join #TeamWolf versus #TeamCoyote By Karen Hopper Usher  It’s wolves … Read More

Please take action to protect Michigan’s wolves 

Please take action for Michigan’s wolves. Call or tweet Michigan’s Governor ask him to Veto SB 1187.In the 2014 general election, Michigan voters soundly rejected two referendums on the trophy … Read More

Urgent action alert: Michigan wolves need you now…

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected Michigan wolf advocates: SB 1187 could be voted on in the Michigan House of Representatives as early as TOMORROW, Tuesday, December 13! Please contact you House member … Read More

Michigan bill is basically identical to previous legislation that was nullified by referendum voters and the courts

Michigan wolf hunting would be reauthorized under lame-duck bill Source LANSING, MI — A Republican senator has introduced lame-duck legislation that would reauthorize Michigan wildlife mangers to classify gray wolves as … Read More

Bait and switch bites wolf hunting proponents

From the editorial board of The Times Herald November 26, 2016 For once, Michigan Legislators’ maneuvers to advance their agenda and satisfy special interests despite public opposition has backfired on them. In … Read More

Michigan coyote hunter on trail: charges stem from a YouTube video of hunting dogs attacking and killing a wounded coyote. Jury finds not guilty…

Update: Friday 4/29/16 (there is no justice for this coyote)  Bessemer – After about two hours of deliberation, a 12-person jury cleared Jason Charles Roberts, 35, of Ironwood, of all … Read More

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