Action Alert: Contact Wisconsin’s DNR Bear Advisory Committee Concerning the Baiting of Black Bears…

…The Following research concerning the baiting of black bears: Consumption of intentional food subsidies by a hunted carnivore revealed some very startling results.  Researchers  found that; humans are influencing the ecosystem not only … Read More

Several dogs in pursuit of bear were “thrown to wolves” over the weekend in Wisconsin’s north woods

Decades-old conflict between bear hunters and wolves continues with more hunting dogs killed.  Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated the following hunting dogs over the weekend.  A Walker Hound on … Read More

Dogs may be trained statewide by pursuing bear in Wisconsin starting on July first resulting in bloody wolf-on-dog-fights

Handlers that lose dogs to wolves defending their pups can be reimbursed up to $2,500.00 per dead dog (the state’s wolf depredation program began in 1985). It’s a win-win situation … Read More

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