Artist Diana J Smith Series Combines the New Mexico Landscape & Wild Wolf…

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This new body of work feels like a cleansing. I have put aside collage and mixed media. Now I’m concentrating on paint, only including a few lines of suggestion with charcoal. It feels pure and clean. I have a passion for our canine companions and enjoy illustrating the focus shown in their eyes. My previous work has been figurative, with my subject matter being dogs or wolves.

Featured image by Diana J Smith

In this series, I am delving back into abstract composition, where my formal training began, and adding just a touch of figurative. I have chosen a very warm, but bright palette, reminding me of the colors of the New Mexico landscape, then interjecting the wild wolf into this landscape. My vision is to create a pleasant, comforting place, while portraying the dignity and presence of the canine. website

“Laredo” 20 x 16 Acrylic

Theresa Stirling Art Studio has a real passion-for-wolves

Theresa Stirling Art Studios is the focus of this blog because sterling is our readers favorite artist. Sterling’s style of art is called natural expressionist and her method used to express her art is called encaustic painting. The following is a a description of this art form. Read on: 


Many thin layers of transparent beeswax & oil, added slowly, over a photographic image. One layer at a time, fused with a blowtorch. Luminous, textured work. Any scale, any style.



To learn more, Theresa can be contacted at 360.471.7600. Reach out about your project ideas and dreams, arrange a studio visit or just say hello.


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Lovely collaborative projects, with collectors. Theresa Stirling creates custom encaustic paintings for your space, commissions make up the majority of the studio’s work, get in touch about your project. Every project is a blank slate, filled with others’ ideas and dreams. Generous discussions lead to creating dream pieces and rich collaborations. The highest attention to quality and detail; each piece is layered, loose, current, yet timeless. A tremendously rewarding process for all.

Art for Wolves exhibit at the NerdMelt Showroom in Hollywood Friday April 29, 2016 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Answer the call of the wild without trekking into the woods as NerdMelt  presents Art for Wolves. This exhibition features wolf-inspired works from Mike Judge, Martin Starr, Amanda Crew, Thank You X, David Flury, Rony Alwin and more. Proceeds benefit Wolf Connection, an youth empowerment program and a wolfdog rescue center and sanctuary.
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