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The Intent Upon Killing Wolves for Trophy on Public Lands is Exploitation

The War On Wolves Continues. Wolf advocates we must make our voices heard. By Alex Krevitz, M.A. Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Science Editor

In recent years state and federal natural resource agencies have targeted grey wolves Canis lupus, for elimination.  Scientific organizations and reputable non governmental wildlife organizations have had their peer reviewed scientific research eschewed by policy makers.   Individual scientists have had aspersions cast upon their professional legitimacy for questioning wolf management policies.

The purveyors of the anti wolf misinformation have been affiliated with groups associated with extractive industries, agricultural interests and trophy hunting. Their goal has been a mission to depict wolves as wanton killers of deer and livestock. Their interests have been served by legislators whose campaigns they have funded.  Cases before the Supreme Court of the U.S. such as Citizens United and Montana Copper Kings have infused those who seek to exploit public land for private gain often at the expense of wildlife with a source of revenue with which to influence policy makers.  Fortunately, the judiciary on several occasions have restored protections to wolves. Justices have characterized the fervent and scientifically unfounded war on wolves as “arbitrary” and “irresponsible.”

Historically, over decades, Americans, in polls and on ballot initiatives,  have expressed strong support for banning wolf hunting and protecting public lands. Surreptitious attempts by extractive industries and ranchers to devastate these lands for personal gain have met with massive and vocal public opposition and some plans have been stopped or delayed.

Miraculously, persistent communications to legislators by wolf advocates resulted in the species continued protection. Numerous NGOs and grass roots activists update each other and the public on legislative maneuvers and upcoming votes. Countering large well funded and experienced entities determined to remove wolves from Endangered Species protections is an ongoing task. Certain members of Congress with hitherto positive environmental records have capitulated to their well funded cohorts with opposing agendas.

The current Interior Secretary has elevated the trophy hunting and mineral extraction as top priorities of his department. He has faced skepticism and criticism from scientists, the conservation community and the public. Naturalists at all levels  have been appalled by this single minded focus on transforming the Interior Department into  a safe haven for those intent upon killing trophy animals and exploiting natural resources on public lands as  primary objectives.

Once a species had been extirpated there is no return. The cumulative effects of killing, border walls and habitat destruction is terminal.

So the fight goes on to advocate for our wildlife who cannot protest in their own right.  To protect our sacrosanct and irreplaceable natural resources; It is imperative that severe exploitation actions be publicized, and that those who advocate for these destruction be held accountable.

We must  make our voices heard as individuals through the media, petitions, at public meetings, using our informed communications networks to rally support. We must all vote. America’s natural resources, including wolves, were protected in the past due to public support.  It is incumbent upon all of us to provide that same support for wildlife and wildlands now.

Alex Krevitz,  M.A.

Science Editor

Proposed legislation would make it illegal for law enforcement to enforce state or federal law relating to management of wolves in Wisconsin. 

This legislation will be difficult to enforce, but that’s not stopping Representaive Adam Jarchow from employing the latest “smoke and mirrors” political rhetoric.  Rep. Jarchow’s fueling the anti-wolf fires again spreading hate and fear for Wisconsin’s wild wolf.  Wisconsin’s citizens can distinguish fact from fiction. The following are the facts. Wolves take 6% of Wisconsin’s White-tailed deer population in a year.  Livestock depredations are down in 2017, just click here for the 2017 wolf depredations report. 

Wisconsin’s wild wolf is a federally protected endangered species. 

Here’s the latest political ploy…

In an email dated Wednesday, November 8, 2017 to Legislative Colleagues from Rep. Adam Jarchow, Rep. Mary Felzkowski,  Rep. Romaine Quinn  and Sen. Tom Tiffany regarding Co-sponsorship of LRB 3737/1 – Managing Wisconsin’s wolf population

The following is Rep. Adam Jarchow’s email:

In 2011, Idaho Governor Butch Otter issued an executive order stating that the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) would no longer monitor wolf populations, investigate illegal wolf killings, or reimburse farmers whose livestock have been killed by wolves. As a result of this executive order, the federal government de-listed the wolf in Idaho. Since then, Idaho has been able to manage its wolf population without interference from the federal government.

Wolves have taken over northern Wisconsin. They are depredating our deer population, killing livestock and attacking family pets. The gray wolf has been placed on the federal Endangered Species List by a federal judge in Washington D.C. thus leaving Wisconsin unable to manage our own wolf population.

Currently, there is a bill at the federal level to de-list the wolf from the Endangered Species List, but has not yet made its way to the President’s desk. Congress has proven to be unable to pass this simple bill to save Wisconsinites from wolves running rampant throughout our state. Something must be done.

If Congress won’t act – we will!

Today, we are circulating for co-sponsorship, LRB 3737/1 which would make it illegal for law enforcement to enforce state or federal law relating to management of wolves in Wisconsin. It also does not allow the Department of Natural Resources to expend any funds relating to wolf management other than paying claims under the endangered resources program for damage caused by wolves.

Please stand with the citizens of northern Wisconsin and co-sponsor LRB 3737/1 by calling Senator Tiffany’s office at 266-2509 or Rep. Jarchow’s office at 267-2365 by Friday, November 17th at 5:00 p.m.  (End of Jarchow’s email)

The following is the proposed legislation…

AN ACT to create 29.603 of the statutes; relating to: enforcement of federal and state laws relating to the management of the wolf population and to the killing of wolves and expenditure of funds for wolf management purposes.

Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
This bill makes changes to the laws regulating wolf hunting and the laws authorizing funding for wolf management activities.
Under current law, the Department of Natural Resources is required to allow the hunting and trapping of wolves if the wolf is not listed on the U.S. list of endangered and threatened species and is not listed on the state endangered list.
This bill prohibits a law enforcement officer from enforcing a federal or state law that relates to the management of the wolf population in this state or that prohibits the killing of wolf in this state. The bill prohibits DNR from expending any funds for the purpose of managing the wolf population in this state other than for the purpose of making payments under the endangered resources program to persons who apply for reimbursement for certain damage caused by wolves or protecting private property, including domestic cattle, from wolf depredation. The bill also prohibits DNR from taking any action to inform or support federal law enforcement officers regarding the enforcement of any federal or state law relating to wolves. The bill specifies that these prohibitions apply only if wolves are listed on the U.S. list of endangered and threatened species. Under the bill, if wolves are removed from that list, the prohibitions in the bill will no longer apply.

The following is how Wisconsin manages its wild wolf population when it’s not on the ESL. 

The public is unaware that dogs are used to hunt wolves in Wisconsin when they are not listed on the federal or state endangered species list. Wisconsin’s state legislature sanctions the barbaric sport known as Wolf-Hounding. 

Wolves are currently protected under the ESA, but there are several bills in congress that call for delisting wolves. When wolves are not listed Wisconsin wolf hunters will use dogs to hunt them under the guise of sport. To read more about this click here.

Join Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin’s campaign to end Wolf Hounding. Contact us: wolvesdouglasco@gmail.com 


Featured images by Ian McAllister

“There has never been a more important time for the people of Wisconsin to show they are not going to give in to a small group of people that want to torture animals for fun under the guise of “sport.” ~Rachel Tilseth 

Wolf Summit ll is a redundant effort of lurid sensationalism

Wisconsin State Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Adam Jarchow organized a Great Lakes Wolf Summit  to lobby for the delisting of wolves from protections under the Endangered Species Act last fall in an effort to return them to state management. 

Last Fall’s Great Lakes Wolf Summit was a half-baked apple pie. This Wolf Summit was missing vital scientific input. Even Patrick Durkin, a freelance outdoor writer stated the obvious,  in an article in The Green Bay Gazette,  “For those reasons and more, expect the Tiffany-Jarchow wolf summit to simply restate best guesses and half-baked assumptions. But shouting them more loudly won’t make them true.”

A second Wolf Summit is being organzied by Wisconsin Wolf Facts.  The summit takes place from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Sugar Camp Town Hall on April 8th. There is an entry charge of $15.00, which includes coffee and lunch.  Laurie Groskopf, spokesperson for the group Wisconsin Wolf Facts, “says there’s a possiblity that Congress will move this year to delist wolves again, putting them back into the state’s hands along with an appeal in the court system.” 

There are currently two bills in congress that call to delist the wolf in four states, S. 164 (Senate) introduced on 01/17/2017 by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) and H.R. 424 (House of Representatives) introduced on 01/10/2017 by Representative Collin C. Peterson (D-MN)

Wolves were returned to the safe-keeping of the endangered species list on December 19, 2014 in a court ruling that stated; “At times, a court must lean forward from the bench to let an agency know, in no uncertain terms, that enough is enough,” Howell wrote in the decision. “This case is one of those times.”

Wisconsin allowed the barbaric use of wolf hounding during two (2013-2014) of its trophy hunts on wolves. It’s no wonder that judge Howell ordered wolves placed back on the ESL considering Wisconsin quite literally throws dogs to wolves.

One of the organizers of Wolf Summit ll, Laurie Groskopf sits on the Wisconsin DNR Wolf Advisory Committee defined in the WI DNR website as a diverse group representing agency, non-agency, tribal and stakeholder interests, meets to propose wolf quota recommendations. Department leadership considers proposed quotas in developing department recommendations for Natural Resources Board approval.

The following is a little history of just how slanted the WDNR’s Wolf Advisory Committee has been: DNR secretary confirms That Wolf Hunt Opponents Were Removed From Advisory Committee. Cathy Stepp Says Staunch Hunting Opponents Weren’t Being Productive Members Of Advisory Body Thursday, June 26, 2014, By Chuck Quirmbach. Stepp confirmed what her critics have alleged: that wolf hunting opponents were by and large kicked off the committee.

Several DNR staff are on the recently created Wolf Advisory Committee, as are representatives of several pro-hunting groups. A smaller number of wolf hunting skeptics also remain on the committee, including a representative of the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.  Source

At the first Great Lakes Wolf Summit held last September 2016, “A few wolves are OK,” said Don Peay, founder of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife and a speaker at the summit. “They’re part of the system.” Peay and most others at the summit wanted to manage the wolf population by killing some off. Roughly 4,000 wolves roam the Great Lakes region.

Wolf Summit ll will have less speakers than the first summit. 

Groskopf said, “The other summit had more speakers, this summit has less speakers so each has more time. So I think there will be more give-and-take at this summit, so I think it’s a good thing to have more participation.” Source  Among the topics will be depredation control, counting wolves, state management, and wolf impacts among other topics. A study completed by the DNR last year found that Wisconsin’s wolf population is at its highest level in recorded history.

Wolf Summit ll is a redundant effort of lurid sensationalism because it’s political backers use carefully crafted propaganda to make the wolf look bad. Wolf Summit ll is playing on fear, in order to return wolves back over to state management; for the sole purpose of holding a trophy wolf hunt.

Wolf Summit ll doesn’t intend to educate Wisconsin residents about how to live with wolves. It intends to push for a state managed wolf hunt; because they believe wolves are decimating the deer herds, destroying the livelihoods of livestock owners and killing a record number of hound hunting dogs. 

But the facts prove otherwise.

Facts such as as;  a lack of bear hunting regulations caused the increase of wolf depredations on hunting dogs, the largest change in buck harvest occurred in the Northern Forest Zone (30 percent increase from 2015) and 52 livestock depredations out of 3.50 million head, proves; there’s no-big-bad-wolf here. 

Wolf Summit ll backers believe 866 wolves are too many, and want a population cap of 350 wolves; that means a total of 516 wolves will be killed off in a state managed trophy hunt. 

That is; if Wisconsin citizens buy into Wolf Summit ll’s redundant efforts of lurid sensationalism. 


Letter to the editor: Wisconsin politicians vilifying the wolf for their own gain. 

Use a political con to delist the Wolf status?

By Craig Strid


To the Editor:
First let me lay down some personal premises. I do hunt. I am not an activist and I love my animals. The wolf is low on my list but not enough to kill it for subjective reasoning. I eat also eat meat. I believe that the wolf was created for the balance of nature.
Now with that said let’s put things in perspective like the published Cumberland meeting used to demonize the wolf. The wolf is what it is and does what it was created for. It has no defense and it was put on earth for a reason. 
It is unfortunate that the wolf is physically incapable of shooting a rifle or a bow and arrow. That would be good if he could physically hit the kill zone. The wolf is incapable of using a pneumatic rod pistol or a electric stungun which is the procedure used prior to cutting the carotid artery. Many of the animals lined up for the slaughter house were given pet names when they were young. They even grew up to maturity right alongside the farmers family.
Many animals sense the fear and smell the blood which makes it hard to get them to enter the slaughterhouses.
The publicized accounts the victims put in the Cumberland meeting were subjective and emotional and sympathetically persuasive. Just like I did above. It was isolated so it appears that they were the only victims of tragedy in the state of Wisconsin. Readers of such accounts have lost their jobs, divorced, victims of car crashes, suffered physical disabilities and lost love ones just to mentioned a few. So lets keep this in perspective.
The accounts of the victims in the Cumberland meeting is a drumroll I could use to have a jury convict a human only to lay the accused down to for lethal injection under restraints. The accounts are nothing short of trying to incite a vigilante mob.
This only makes me question the Republican motive. They know better or at lest I hope they do. Don’t let them elevate their political careers on the wolf issue because its a cheap way to do it and Tiffany has a reputation for secret alternative motives.

Six hound hunting dogs were killed by wolves defending the pups in east Idaho.

Wolf pups are barely a month or so old at this time of year. Wolves are protective of their young pups. It’s no surprise that wolves killed six hound hunting dogs that were allowed to run lose in known wolf territory in east Idaho. Hunters should know better than this and it’s a sad day when dogs have to lose their lives because of their handler’s negligence. 

Source: The Idaho State Journal   Six dogs killed by wolves in east Idaho
By David Ashby May 20, 2016 

Six hunting hounds have been killed by wolves in an isolated location in Madison County over the past few weeks.
The hounds were killed in two separate incidents near White Owl Butte east of Rexburg. In both instances, three hounds were killed. According to Idaho Department of Fish and Game spokesman Gregg Losinski, the houndsmen were using the dogs to hunt for black bears in Game Management Unit 62.

The hounds were allowed to run loose and pursue the bears. But when the hunters caught up with their dogs, the hounds were dead.
“The incidents occurred about a week apart, and each location was about four miles apart,” Losinski said. “By wolf measurements, that’s not very far.”

A similar incident involving wolves occurred in the same area in 2014.
There is no open wolf season right now in Unit 62, but the hunters would have been in their legal right to shoot the wolves if they had seen them harm their hounds. It is rare for multiple dogs to be killed by wolves in such a short amount of time in the same area. But Losinski said that’s one of the risks of hunting with hounds in an area that’s populated with at least one wolf pack, as well as black and grizzly bears.
“Wolves consider any other canines as rival wolves, and in their world, it’s kill or be killed,” Losinski said.

Take action for wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Wyoming to oppose anti-wolf delisting rider.

U.S. senate bill S.2012 – Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015 114th Congress (2015-2016)  has the notorious anti- wolf rider attached to it, Senate amendment 3033 to senate amendment 2953 proposed by rebublican Senator Ron Johnson. This amendment calls for removing wolves from the endangered species list in the following states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Wyoming. Further adding that no judge can interfere with this delisting. 


What’s wrong with S.Amdt.3033?

The amendment turns back the handling of wolf management to states that cannot be trusted to manage an endangered species such as the iconic wolf.  

Wisconsin used dogs to hunt down wolves without any regard for safety of the free ranging packs of hound dogs and this amounted to nothing more than promoting dog on wolf fights. Minnesota allows the use of snare traps to capture & slowly strangle a wolf, that causes suffering and pain. Wyoming had a shoot to kill order out on their wolves. These examples prove these states cannot be trusted to manage an endangered species like the iconic wolf. 

You can take action in the following ways: 

Call and email your senators 

Click here to find out ‘who is your senator’ then click here to get telephone numbers and emails of your senators. 

Alternatively, you may phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.

Click here to use easy email democracy.io forms.

Tweet your senators

If you are on Twitter you can send your senators a tweet. First you must find your senators official Twitter handle, then follow them.  Here’s an example of how to tweet your senator: @SenatorBaldwin Please oppose S.Amdt.3033 calling to delist #wolves in WI, MI, MN and WY attached To S. 2012-Energy bill #KeepWolvesListed

In the next few weeks the U.S. Senate will start working on the energy bill and each senator will be able to take their pen to strike out individual attached amendments.  Take action now to make your senators strike the following amendment out:  

 SA Amdt. 3033. Mr. JOHNSON submitted an amendment intended to be proposed to amendment SA 2953 proposed by Ms. Murkowski to the bill S. 2012, to provide for the modernization of the energy policy of the United States, and for other purposes; which was ordered to lie on the table; as follows:

       At the appropriate place, insert the following:

       (a) In General.–Notwithstanding any other provision of 

     law, not later than 60 days after the date of enactment of 

     this Act, the Secretary of the Interior shall reissue–

       (1) the final rule entitled “Endangered and Threatened 

     Wildlife and Plants; Revising the Listing of the Gray Wolf 

     (Canis lupus) in the Western Great Lakes” (76 Fed. Reg. 

     81666 (December 28, 2011)); and

       (2) the final rule entitled “Endangered and Threatened 

     Wildlife and Plants; Removal of the Gray Wolf in Wyoming from 

     the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and 

     Removal of the Wyoming Wolf Population’s Status as an 

     Experimental Population” (77 Fed. Reg. 55530 (September 10


       (b) No Judicial Review.–The reissuance of the final rules 

     described in subsection (a) shall not be subject to judicial 



         Trophy hunts are about power not conservation. ~Rachel  

#KeepWolvesListed #fightforwhatsright