Wolves in Art News: Esquimalt artist selected to create artwork for B.C. Ferries

Artists throughout the ages have influenced culture through their work.  I hold a B.S. degree in art education where I learned about ancient native cultures. I am posting this news on artist Darlene Gait a member of the Esquimalt Nation, who is from the wolf clan tribe. I look forward to viewing her art murals. ~Rachel

Source: Victoria News
By KENDRA WONG – February 12, 2016

Esquimalt Nation artist Darlene Gait is one of three artists to be selected to create artwork for the new Salish Class vessels with B.C. Ferries. / CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

When Darlene Gait was young, she would hear legends of wolves and orcas.
Gait, a member of the Esquimalt Nation, is from the wolf clan tribe and was told tales that wolves and orcas were once one animal before they split apart. Wolves became land creatures, while orcas remained in the water. Click here to read full article

Click HERE to view works by Darlene Gait

Art by Darlene Gait entitled ‘Sisters’

Description of art by Darlene Gait:

Sisters is a painting of two female wolves near Alberta. In the background of this piece, if you look really closely, you can see that there are faces in the mountain, a lot of people don’t notice it but there are actual images of symbols of the first nations cultures that once were watching over, and are still a part of, this beautiful land, Alberta.
About the Original:
Medium: Acrylic on Paper/ Image Size: 30″ x 22 ” / Created:October 2002

Availability: Private Collection